Wherein I find I may have a bit of a SciFi Obsession…

25 07 2008

Weather: High –82 degrees, mostly sunny. Stop teasing me , weather gods! It’s July! ::enjoys::

I’ve been spending a big chunk of my day buried under a slew of work projects, but I’ve managed to insert little stretches of time to watch you tube and refresh web pages feverishly. Why, you ask? BECAUSE IT’S MOTHERF**KING COMIC CON 2008, that’s why. And seeing as I’m too (1) BROKE and (2) out of vacation time to go, I have to live vicariously. So far I’ve managed to see most of the Torchwood panel–which kicks ass — and a slew of snippets here and there on Twilight (shut up!), Watchman (ZOMG! Is it March 09 yet????), Wolverine (ZOMG THEY FINALLY GOT GAMBIT!!) and several other bits and bobs. True Blood is looking better than I expected, mostly because I only found the books okay. (Does an IFOR for not having HBO. Guess I-Tunes will be seeing a lot of my business once that starts airing. SIGH) I’m scouring around for the Doctor Who panel as I heard it was hysterical. (Steven Moffat was there. Say no more. )

Anyway–I’ll be watching the G4 coverage AGAIN tonight (After Doctor Who ZOMG!) and geeking out all over again. Hee.

A quick side trip into heinous gossip tabloid crap country: Christian Bale’s mum and sister need to be bitchslapped. Apparently the whole “assault” brouhaha was over them hitting him up for money, insulting his wife when he said no, then calling the cops when he got angry. Very nice. If this had been my family? I would have laid them out with a two-by-four. SRSLY.

ZOMG it IS Friday, right? ::does a wee dance of joy::

This showed up in my mail from Astrology.com. Good news I think…

On July 26, energetic Mars in hard-working Virgo forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn, putting the focus on your goals. Take advantage of this beneficial aspect to move yourself — and your projects — forward. People in influential positions will help you now, so don’t waste any wonderful opportunities!

Apparently Saturday looks to be auspicious. Must make sure we take advantage of that energy!

On a side note– tangentially speaking here — I managed to get my hands on an old Victoria magazine (circa October 1998) which had a fantastic article on the House from Practical Magic.
(Yes the very house Brian and I want to build. ) It had some amazing shots from inside the house and it gave us a better idea of how we want to decorate once we find a new place to live. Yes we’re a little obsessed with that lovely Victorian.  (And we want to run a shop like Sally’s in the movie.)

On the writing front, didn’t get much more written last night. Then again, I was drooping like a lily left out in the summer heat last night. SOO tired. Brain was full of fluff and I ended up staring at a blinking cursor for 2 hours last night. Sigh again.

This weekend looks to be a flurry of running around and getting some writing done on the fly. My brother in law has gotten a new computer so I’ll be heading over to help him get it set up. My sister is also going to be spending the weekend stuffing envelopes for her wedding invites. (ZOMG, that is getting so close!! October 18!!)




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