Is it Friday yet? No? ::weeps::

24 07 2008

Weather: high – 79 degrees & partly sunny. Another glorious day in the city. Not complaining one jot!

Wow this weather trend has been a nice respite. Very low humidity and almost cool temps all day. Certainly doesn’t feel like July.

Got some writing done last night. Another 500+ words. Granted not up to my usual word count but I seem to be ramping up. Current word count for Carrion Dreams is about 23,000. I’d like to make it to 50,000 for a good size first novel. (I visualize this as a trilogy). Dark of the Mirror is hovering around 45,000 since I edited out the crap. It will probably end up closer to 75000, like a good vampire novel should. I still have All Creatures Fanged & Furry and All Demons Dread and Dire to get started on. (One’s done and needs an overhaul, the sequel is in pieces and ALSO in need of an over haul) so Lots to work on.

Been listening to a lot of Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate lately. Love their atmospheric soundtrack style of music. Makes for a nice spooky atmosphere. Kinda like the incidental music that Tangerine Dream did for the Legend Soundtrack. Killer!

Trying to get a gazillion things done for work right now. As I have probably whined about mentioned before.  I’ve been talking with friends and, granted until Brian gets a steady job, the point is moot, I think I’m looking to change my career field entirely. Not sure to WHAT, but I’m thinking something creative. Maybe start our own business, even if it’s just a side business for now.

Gotta dash

More rambling tomorrow!

Here- Have some Nox Arcana for your evening!
Nox Arcana — Temple of the Black Pharaoh



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