A little WOOT! and a lot of WHAT????

23 07 2008

Weather: high 77 degrees (O_O) and much cooler! And no humidity! ZOMG! THANK YOU WEATHER GODS!!!

So the weather was a lot cooler this morning, in fact downright unseasonable. (Though again, seasonable is enough to make me run screaming into the fridge. I HATE HOT WEATHER!)

Suffering the fools at work not so gently. I’m really starting to lose patience with them, mostly because once I’ve explained a simple procedure for the 10th time, I get a little cranky.

Had a brainstorm last night and concocted a scene that will finally shatter my writer’s block. Trying to get it into text format so it doesn’t disappear into the ether again.  Thanks to Liquid Story Binder, I’m able to get the scene written out of order and stored alongside the manuscript in progress. WOO! (I was able to get a free licensed copy from Giveaway of the Day, though I wish I’d had my laptop to download it onto that day. Sigh. Anyway

Had coffee and convo with Lisa today. Always a joy and a nice respite from the drudgery of work. We both agreed we need to do something fun to get us out of the house. With her lifemate Tom on nights for the rest of the month it kinda impacts our double dating , so to speak.

Saw the news that Christian Bale had been arrested on Assault charges by his mum and sister. Turns out it was much ado about nothing. Apparently in England, you can get charged with assault if you yell at someone.  If you actually HIT someone it’s battery. The charges were subsequently dropped and noone’s talking about it. I’m kinda assuming that what happened is an argument got a little escalated and someone called the cops in anger. Bale doesn’t strike me a someone who would lash out at family. He keeps his private life pretty private.

Anyway. Work is getting hectic so I’d better cut this short. Need to get my projects done. Photoshop beckons.




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