Rainy Monday and post Dark Knight Musings…

21 07 2008

Weather: weekend–upper 80s and STEAMY.
Today: High 82, rainstorms and cooling off!!

Still drying off form my walk in this morning. Rain was quite nice change from the merely hot and steamy we’ve been suffering through lately.

I CAN HAS LAPTOP!! Brian went and picked it up for me!!!! I can finally get back to writing!!

So. Dark Knight. Can you say MOTHERFRAKKING AWESOME??? Heath Ledger was just AMAZING. He was the Arkham Asylum Joker, the agent of Chaos, no moral compass or sympathetic back story to explain his actions. As he says “I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one.” Christian Bale was phenomenal as always, as were Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. Brill across the board. And let’s not overlook Aaron Eckhart’s performance as Harvey Dent. His turn in the movie is both terrifying and heartbreaking. And buries previous portrayals of the character in the dust. And there is no easy burn makeup and hot pink hair in this version. Just nightmare inducing memories of anatomy class.

Speaking of Heath, finally saw Brokeback Mountain. And after actually seeing the movie, the jokes aren’t as funny anymore. It was heartbreaking and beautiful to watch. The gay theme was besides the point. It was about unrequited love full stop. And Heath and Jake were amazing in it. Also saw The Order, which, while not a great film, was better than I expected. I imagine a lot of the critics found it too weird and panned it as a result. Neat take on some mythology within the Catholic faith and some pointed commentary on the idea of absolution for those excommunicated and heresy. I liked it. Then again, I’m weird that way. VBEG.

I’m so bloody itching to get back to writing. I have a lot of stuff that I’ve scribbled out long hand that now must go through the usual painstaking translation to pixels process.

Thank the gods I made it through the damn day. Snoots managed to interrupt my sleep numerous times last night, first by trying to re-hang all the artwork in the bedroom(1:30 am), then by munching on his squeaky toy under the bed (2:30 am), then meowing as though the demons of hell were on his tail at 4 am. Needless to say I got about 2 hours of decent sleep and wrenched the everloving shit out of my neck trying to get him off the headboard last night.!

So! A bit of writing tonight so I can fondle…um erm… use my laptop and then to bed for at least 8 hours of sleep tonight.

New Top Gear to watch over dinner so that at least will be fun!




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