18 07 2008

Weather: High 90 and possible thunderstorms! Woo!

YAY! I can has Dark Knight tickets!! We’ll be seeing it at the 4:40 matinee. ZOMG! And the Watchman Trailer is in front of it!! SQUEE!!! I swear, it seems like Hollyweird finally got a frikkin clue as to how to make a DECENT comic book movie! Hellboy II was fantastic and the next few comic book movies seem to be just leaps and bounds above what has come before.

Went to lunch with a couple of the brokers here, had a fantastic lunch. Moo. Too much good food makes Heidi Sleepy. Had a little swordfish, some prime rib, a little pasta with scallops (It’s a buffet folks, I didn’t order all these dishes!) and a fantastic seared tuna. Yeah YUM!

Trying to get a bajillion things done today so this may end up being short.

ETA: MY LAPTOP IS DONE!!!! I MUST GET IT!!! They aren’t open on the weekend so I may leave here early so I can get it.




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19 07 2008

I don’t know if we’ll be able to see it in the theater, but it does look good!

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