I suppose maiming everyone is out of the question?

17 07 2008

Weather: High 93 and ZOMG SO HUMID!!

Between the weather, my hormones, my lack of laptard and growing anger at my own health issues, I’m kinda unfit to live with right now. Thank the gods my husband is an understanding man.

Politics is again getting on my last goddamn nerve. I’m getting tired of reading idiots responding with the same damn talking points that have been PROVEN incorrect. Most of this is against Obama. That he’s a Muslim. That he’s a flip flopper. That he’s a radical left winger.
SIGH! Why can’t the average jackass do a LITTLE research. Not even having to go that far to do it. SICK SICK SICK of people too stupid to breathe making decisions in this country. (That goes for both sides of the political fence, by the way.)

Having some side fun creating icons for my friends today. We stumbled across a great website for writer related stuff (Angry Writer) so we swiped some of the quotes from there (with credit!) and made several icons. Most of them ended up being pictures of actors we like with the epitaph “My Muse is a Very Very Bad Man” . We are a fun bunch of gals like that. I have to admit, my best friends are all artist’s in some capacity. Musicians, writers, painters, photographers…kinda like a 19th century Salon, just in a networked virtual online kinda way. 🙂

Not getting much work done today, though I did get the initial work done on our webpage. I’m still behind on the golf outing design stuff, but it’s coming along.

Bri’s FINALLY getting his new glasses after almost a month of dealing with his broken ones. (They lost the earpiece at the solder where it meets the actual lenses. Because they’re titanium, they can’t be soldered back into place. So new frames it was!)

Still no word on my laptard. May have to go swipe my sister’s. Not like she needs it for work or anything. ::rubs inner arm like an addict::

Ah well. Time to head home and get some writing done.

Hope all is well in the rest of the world!




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