Playing hooky from work AT WORK! I’m AMAZING!

16 07 2008

Weather: High: 93 degrees and wrapped in a wet wool blanket humidity (Please gods, make it STOP!)

I’m at work while the rest of the office is at the company outing. Ninety plus degrees in a tent eating hot dogs and watching horse racing just wasn’t for me today. Thus my playing hooky in the office.

Course I’d be happier if I wasn’t wanting to CLAW MY UTERUS out right now. GAH!

The heat is ramping up again. Looks like we might get a brief respite this weekend, although the slightly cooler temps will be accompanied by thunderstorms.

Day’s going by quicker than I thought and I’m not doing any more posting than usual. Strange that. However I just added about 500 words to the manuscript so I can’t bitch that NOTHING got accomplished today.

Listening to a lot of Medieval influenced music today. Lots of Blackmore’s Night, Mediaeval Baebes , Faun and Loreena McKennitt. Mostly I blame Amie Street. If they hadn’t let me know there was a new Blackmore’s Night album out, which I HAD to download, this wouldn’t have triggered the addiction.  So, lots of music with pipes and fiddle and Middle Eastern instruments and vocals in Olde English emanating from my cube today.

Mentally I feel like oatmeal. Bland and squishy. I know that part of the problem is that my current hormones are making me have the dumb. I’m having difficulty focusing and even thinking about anything for very long…oohh! Shiny!……………………………………….
See what I mean??

Brian is already fed up with his current freelance position. I think it’s highly evident that he is only going to be happy working in a creative environment such as an agency or publishing house where they understand how things work. This working in a small department of a larger company is making him nuts because they do not understand the constraints of the work and the time for turning things around. I understand this totally.

Snoots seems to be mopey lately. He’s a little depressed and is very needy. He meows a lot when he realizes we’re leaving for work. I cuddle him like crazy as soon as I get in the door and he just eats it up with a spoon. I just hope that he’s not too lonely or starts getting sick because he misses Apache. We’ll get him a companion eventually. It’s just too soon for us. He just seems a little lackluster. He plays and still has the crazies now and then, but he doesn’t seem happy. And that makes me sad too. I know this too shall pass, but it’s worrisome to watch.

Daily Vid:

Mediaeval Baebes — Aria  (It’s really a Delerium song as well, but the Baebes do the vocals.)

Loreena McKennitt — Mummers Dance

Faun — Egil Saga (YAY Pagan Darkwave!)




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