Twilight Tuesday does not Dazzle pour moi!

15 07 2008

Weather– high: 90 degrees and ZOMG! WHO UPENDED THE SWAMP ON MY HEAD???

Well, according to zee Witches’ Almanac, today the moon goes into my sign, and the advice for the day is “Fashion a Poppet“. Looks like I’ll be doing sympathetic magic tonight. Huh.

Feeling gross. Overweight and pms’d. Not a good combo. ESPECIALLY in light of the wonderful weather we’re having right now.

Am practically chomping at the bit to see The Dark Knight. Seeing all the positive reviews is just making the anticipation worse!
[clearspring_widget title=”The Dark Knight” wid=”483c67963f1fc829″ pid=”487cea1a634c593d” width=”350″ height=”270″ domain=””]

I’ve been using Google image to look at shots of the Oregon coast, which is making me sigh a lot. Then I checked the current weather. 76 degrees and 44% humidity. It’s enough to make a grown woman cry.

Ah well, end of day and not much posted here.

I did get something like 250 words written which is pretty much the definition of LAME. Really will have to apply the schnozz to the grindstone or this damn manuscript is gonna sputter and die. SIGH.

OH! And all of you! GO SEE THIS ONLINE NOW!
Doctor Horrible’s  Sing-along BLOG

ETA: (You may have to use i-tunes to see it, because their server has gotten hosed from the mass number of hits!)


A Message From the Doctor Horrible team:

“We love you for crashing the site, we really do. In the meantime, those of you who have iTunes capabilities can go there and get your fix. Our site should be up and running again in a few hours. Your support is warming our hearts and kicking our asses. So thank you thank you. J, M, J, Z”

Short description: Joss Whedon and a cast of several made a show during the writer’s strike. It’s very funny. GO WATCH NOW!

Ta till tomorrow peoples..




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