Is it Monday already? Sigh.

14 07 2008

Weather: Weekend: Sunny and mild. Thank GOD!
Today: high 83 Degrees and sunny.

SO, started the weekend on a BANG. That was the sound yet another huge branch made when it took a nice flip out of our elm tree in front of our house and landed in the alley with a thud, taking out the power line to the Street Lamp out front with it. Bri and I just shrugged and called the power company. By 3:00 they were out, disentangled the wire, re-connected it and were off. Leaving a 12″ diameter limb blocking the alleyway. Sigh. Needless to say, Brian spent most of Sunday out with a hacksaw trying to whittle the damn thing down to manageable pieces. As it is we still have a 15 foot limb still lying along the alley, too heavy to lift even with two of us. So a call will probably be made to the City to come get that sucker.

Saturday wasn’t all about falling tree limbs. We took Snoots to the vet (he’s 13 pounds now! WOW! I should start using him for upper body building exercises.) We also went to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army and LOOOOVED it!! Lots of Celtic Mythology mixed in with Del Toro’s usual nightmare menagerie of creatures and critters (there’s a difference, trust me!) and some really good dialogue. I really appreciated that the villains were not cut and dry or one dimensional. In fact, it was very hard not to agree with the motivation behind Prince Nuada’s plot to rid the world of humanity. Seriously. In fact there is one scene that is reminiscent of Princess Mononoke, dealing with how we treat the earth and the destruction of the forest spirits. Actually brought tears to my eyes.

Work is a grind anymore. Looking forward to Wednesday because it’s company outing day and I’m not attending. On purpose. For the 5th year running, the powers that be decided to go for gambling as the company summer outing. First 2 years was at Harrahs. Then the last three have been at Arlington Race track which is located on the far north side of Chicago. They are not providing transport. So even if I had an iota of interest in going (Which I do not) I would have to waste a 1/2 tank of gas to go. They have not opened up to the company for options and those of us who don’t like to gamble or go to racetracks that have an awful record of horse injuries, well, too bad, so sad. Don’t go to the outing? You have to go work the usual hours at the office. Nice, huh? Anyway. I’ll be spending my day working on some outstanding projects and some personal stuff. The one nice thing? Getting to wear casual clothes to the office.

Writing continues apace, but I’m developing an unnerving twitch when I go to reach for my laptop and it is not there. Seriously. WHEN IS MY BABY COMING HOME??? ::twitch twitch::




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