Okay…the not sleeping thing? Not funny anymore.

10 07 2008

Weather: high – 87 Degrees, partly sunny and back to Humid City. Meh.

So…I’ve been having an ongoing problem sleeping. Or not sleeping as the case is. It’s not insomnia. I fall asleep just fine, thank you. I just keep waking up periodically through the night. Sometimes I have to use the Loo. Sometimes I’m just awakened for no other reason than the air temp changed a degree. In any case, I’m averaging two to three mid-sleep wake-ups and I’m starting to wear down because of it.

I’m averaging about 2 -3 hours of decent sleep and 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep. Either way, I’m dragging in the morning, and my focus is shot at work. Add to this my knees are deteriorating, no doubt due to my weight issues, and my skin is having issues as well. Maybe it’s all related to stress, but maybe not. The thing that sucks is that I’m without health insurance at the moment and seeing a doctor for anything is cost prohibitive. Once Brian gets a reasonably stable income, I’ll put us on our insurance here at my job. But until then, I literally cannot afford it.

Well after some clever Googling and cross referencing against a myriad of sources, it looks like my right knee is suffering from something called crepitus, which is a nice way of saying “YOU HAVE NO CARTILAGE IN YOUR KNEE!” Fantastic. Some recommendations have pointed to increasing my intake of fish oil, which I’ll probably attempt first. That and getting a knee brace for the short term.

On a related note, I’ve come to realize that my water intake is seriously lacking and is probably contributing to my health issues as well.

Onto something that is not me bitching about my health issues!
I’ll more than likely have my laptard back in my possession by this weekend. I need to find something comparable to Scrivener to run on my Windows impared loaded machine. At least until I can afford a MacBook to load my beloved Scrivener on. Writing is finally starting to flow again. I just need a tool to use. Trying to work on the mini-mac is difficult when both Bri and I keep the same hours on the computer.

ETA: After a bit of scrobbling around on sites, there are a few options. though the most likely one looks like Liquid Story Binder which looks closest in functionality to Scrivener. However, the $46 purchase price is a bit steep for me right now. I may download one of the freebie ones for the time being. Ahh, Scrivener. I wish I knew how to quit you!

Have some nagging bits of research to do. Always amuses me when people walk by my desk at work (I’m in an open cube) and see I’m looking up names of demons, translating things from English to Latin or checking out sites on Alchemy, witchcraft or mythological monsters. Hee. Not normal fodder for an insurance brokerage to say the least.

Went out at lunch and picked up a couple of mags for perusal. Bri got a phone call and he’s gonna be starting his new freelance gig TOMORROW! (This wouldn’t be a problem but we both have outstanding items that need picking up (His glasses, my laptop) and we’re unsure if they’ll be available for us by this weekend. OY!

I really need to take some time out to meditate. My brain is too full and too busy again. Without that bit of focus, writing gets hung up in the noise factor.  It’s like trying to discuss Jungian Philosophy with a circus, a rock concert, a house fire  and a construction site going on around you. Things are a bit distracting and not much gets accomplished.

Anyway. Enough dispatches from my warped psyche for the day.




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