Quick driveby post today!

9 07 2008

Weather: High – 83 degrees and sunny. And surprisingly not too humid!

Just some news, some better than others…

First off– Bri had his second interview for a long term freelance gig. The downside is it is definitely a finite length of time, but at least its money coming in for the short term.

Second, my laptop will probably be back to me in a couple days and I can get back on the writing horse! This leads to the third bit of news.

THIRD! and most importantly, my friend H who had a publisher she was working with for her book, informed me that after a bit of sketchiness, the publisher is back in business and would probably take a serious look at my manuscripts. DUDE! I may actually get my shit PUBLISHED.

Of course there’s the annoying bit about actually having something DONE to get published. But that’s just a little pesky detail, right?

Dashing off to go home.

Larger post of more interesting bits tomorrow!




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10 07 2008

Sweet ass!

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