ZOMG! Frazzled and IFOR!* to the weather!

8 07 2008

(*Ineffectual Fist of Rage)

Weather: High: 83 degrees and stormy. And humid. MEH!

So. This morning did not exactly start on a GOOD note. Woke up because Snoots was being rambunctious. Glanced at the clock and saw it said 4:30 am. Groaned and started to roll back over then something struck me.

It’s a little too light out to be 4:30 am.

Swearing a bluestreak I dashed off to the Bathroom which has a battery operated clock, and said not 4:30 but 6:30 am and bellowed for Brian to get up. I had 20 minutes to get ready for work and get out the door for my train. SIGH. So I’m still a little frazzled.

Brian’s interview today got pushed to tomorrow morning. So he’s going to the bank today to talk to a mortgage banker about getting a title-transfer Mortgage for the house.  His folks may have found a condo so they might be putting their house on the market sooner rather than later.

We still have work to do on our house, now we just have to find the funds. We’ve both got Medical Bills to pay and have some trips we would like to take, though again, a lot of this is dependent on Bri getting a steady income.

GAH!!!! Laptop Deathwatch Part 23854329872134!
Well, it’s gonna end up costing me a little under $200 to get the DC adapter fixed. The other option was replacing the motherboard for $500!!! (I only paid a little over $600 for the damn thing!) so we’ll repair it and start looking toward purchasing a new one soon. ::headdesk::

So let’s do a vid, okay?

This is my newest discovery for musical crack. LOVE this band.

The Veronicas — Untouched



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