Post holiday weekend malaise….

7 07 2008

weather: Weekend-cool and delightful! A fourth of July that was in the 70s. What’s not to like?
Today: Meh. Back to 87 degrees and humid. And stormy. Well its July. So can’t really complain.

Back at work after a truly relaxing weekend. No fuss no muss. Saturday was the only day we went out and that was to go out for a wonderful Mexican meal with Margaritas (Of which I had one too many!) and then BOWLING. ZOMG! I forgot how much fun drunk bowling could be! I won 2 of 3 games, and Bri won the other. Lisa and Tom accompanied us and we all had a great time!

The fourth is always bittersweet for me, because it’s my dad’s birthday. So we visited his gravesite and mom and Bri and I all had a shot of Akavit in honor of him, also pouring a shot on his gravestone so he could share. How street of us. 😉

Saw the Doctor Who finale on Saturday as well…Am kind of torn about it. I won’t make any spoilery comments, but I think one section was done sheerly for fanfic shippers and the ending, while sad, was necessary, though I think it could have been handled better. Honestly, I think there was just too much stuff going on in there. But a fanwank of the highest degree, in the best possible sense.

Still missing Apache. And now we have her ashes to bury. Sigh. Snoots is still confuzzled. He’s not quite understanding where the second food bowl has disappeared to or why we’re just LAVISHING attention on him.

Well, not much else to report other than Dead!Laptop has gone to the Laptop!Resurrection ship in hopes of revival. We shall see.




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