New Mooon on Wednesday….(Nope, doesn’t have the same ring)

2 07 2008

Things at home are settling down a little. Snoots has been enjoying the added attention and we’ve been happy with a grey furry distraction.

Bri got the call today from the vet that Apache’s ashes are ready. We’ll be burying her near my dad’s gravesite. I think it’s appropriate.

Need to get my damn laptop fixed. My writing is suffering from not being able to type it out. Writing longhand is only good for a short term as I have a tendency not to be able to read my own writing after a few days. Sad but true.

The 4th is this weekend, Friday to be precise. Bri and I will be visiting my dad’s grave and then heading back to Chez Nous for a quiet dinner and movies. We both have just decided to make the Fourth our own holiday. I hate traveling with all the psychos and drunks on the road when we return from the relatives’ places. Besides, our big celebration for this day was my dad’s birthday…and let’s be blunt. We’re not really doing that anymore.

Want DESPERATELY to go see Hellboy II when it comes out next weekend. I mean COME ON!!!




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