I can see Friday on the horizon…::reaches::

31 07 2008

Weather: High 85 and ZOMG HUMID!

Starting to lose my patience with people in my office. There a small handful of guys in the office who fancy themselves Tech Geeks and thus like to over step our department and make changes on our servers and install software. Because they know what they’re doing. ::rolls eyes:: Well one of these mental giants managed to screw up half the offices fax profiles by moving a folder from one location to another. Needless to say I was livid. I posted a thinly veiled creed to the company intranet about keeping their GD fingers off the servers and contacting the Automation department (ie me and my boss) before screwing around with stuff. I’m sure they’ll read it and obey. ::rolls eyes again::

Trying to get all my projects done here at work and failing miserably. Forgot it’s end of month which doubled the graphic design work I had to do today, not to mention that I have end of month reports to run.

Today is one of those days that II want nothing more than to be at home writing and snuggling with the hubster.

Looks like we have some thunderstorms rolling in. That shouldn’t increase the humidity. Sigh.

I’m gonna cut this short as I only seem to be rambling.

Brain is full of whirling chaos right now and I can’t focus on much at the moment.

BTW– Witchblade RULES! Even Hubby was impressed by the dialogue and mythology. 🙂

Another day in the big city…

30 07 2008

Weather: It just sucks. High 86 with 100000000% humidity. Grr..

So, fallout form yesterday took its toll, leaving me in a mired down funk that verged on a complete meltdown. Needless to say, I wasn’t really functioning well last night.

However, one really good thing did come of it. I managed to rough out the two sequels for Carrion Dreams, even concocting a sort of ending. That might lead to a second trilogy. I’m so SMRT!!

THings have been horrifically busy at work today so not much else to report.

I’m giddy though, because my Witchblade DVDs are waiting for me at home!!!

Needless to say I know what I’ll be staying up to watch tonight (Though I do need to watch the new episode of Ghost Hunters International. )

For today– Have a peek at Witchblade:

::Stabs internet with a rusty spork::

29 07 2008

weather: Just the fifth ring of hell!! High: 89 with heat index of 96 because of the humidity. KILL ME NOW!

So came into work this morning to a completely screwed up internet and a lot of irritated people. Great. So now it’s 1:00 and I’ve gotten virtually nothing done, have a migraine and feel like the world is about to come crashing down around my ears.

On a happier note, Bri and I watched Heima, the Sigur Rós documentary/concert film on Sundance Channel. What an amazing film. We were just entranced. The visuals were amazing. Iceland is so beautiful and we both have wanted to visit there for a very long time. And with the band playing their icy soundscapes with that as a backdrop–just a soul stirring experience.  It was so overwhelming that after it was done, there was nothing else on the telly I wanted to watch. It all seemed so loud and grating.  Is it so bad that I just want to up and move me and the hubby and the cat to a farm in the middle of nowhere because people in general are annoying and making me want to kick them?

Yes, the misanthropy haze is back. People for the most part are giving me migraines and I’m sick to death of dealing with them.

I’ve described a depression spiral to Brian before as walking around feeling like you’re wrapped in cotton–the sounds and sights are all dulled down, along with your emotions. The only thing heightened is pain. Not sharp pain mind you, just a dull aching pain that makes you feel sad and exhausted and just not wanting to deal with anything. I get these spirals more often now than I have in a long while.  It’s never good when they hit at work. IT breeds apathy and anger and resentment, which doesn’t lead to getting much done. And people who don’t understand try to “cheer you up” not understanding they are poking a bear with a sharp stick.

On a separate note, I’ve joined a writer’s group online, “Muses Gift”, which is a yahoo group formed by a bunch of my writerly friends to discuss our writing, share some tips and get our work critiqued. Hopefully this input will help me re-find the discipline to get my damn stories done.  Hit a wall again last night, but I think that I had too much on my mind to focus. Sigh.

Enough of my burbling. Have some Sigur Rós to calm your soul:



::humming Dancing Queen::

28 07 2008

weather: High: 82 degrees and HUMID! GAH! IT’s BACK!

So this weekend was full despite not really getting a lot of house stuff accomplished.

Friday night we did a spontaneous get together with Tom & Lisa to watch Doctor Who (WOO!) and play battling DJs on the computers. Lotsa fun, but a late night after that.

Saturday was a nice languorous day. Got up around 8ish, made coffee and breakfast for me and the hubby, then kinda pottered around the house for a bit before hunkering down with the laptop and pounding out 1500 words of text. WOO! Had the telly on in the background, and sat through both a Paranormal State marathon and a Heroes marathon, catching up on both shows. In the evening Bri and watched some Graham Norton and I watch Sin City for the umpteenth time. (CLIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!) Was VERY happy to get the writing done and break through this bloody writer’s block I’ve had lately.

Sunday I went to see Mamma Mia with my mum, sister and our elderly neighbor, Mrs. Mahoney. It was MUCH better than I thought it would be. Mum, Kirsten and I had seen it in the theater in Chicago on it’s first run and loved it. Here’s the thing: If you’re not an ABBA fan, you won’t like it. If you’re expecting theater quality vocals, you won’t like it. But if you know the lyrics to every ABBA song, are easily distracted by hot men being shirtless and adorable, and love Meryl Streep in comedies? YOU WILL LOVE IT. (Yes, this movie defines chick flick, but some guys will enjoy it, if only for the scads of bikini clad women and the racy humor in spots. ) I’m actually buying this one when it comes out on DVD. There were parts that had me in tears, some for laughter and some, just for overwhelming emotion. It’s not as saccharine sweet as you think and it doesn’t end how you think it will. And the humor, as I said before borders on raunchy. Oh and Bjorn from ABBA makes a couple of cameos as well. BIG GRIN.

Here’s a list of the songs performed in the movie:
I have a Dream
Honey, Honey
Money Money Money
Mamma Mia
Our Last Summer
Dancing Queen
Super Trouper
Slipping through my Fingers (Bawled my eyes out here)
Lay All your Love on Me
Does Your Mother Know?
Take a Chance on Me
Voulez- Vous
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man after Midnight)
Thank You for the Music
Winner takes it all
(Meryl Streep KILLS on this!)
So yeah– I was in ABBA Karaoke heaven!

I found out this morning that a particularly dear friend of mine is going through some health issues.  It really gutted me that I live too far away to be any use, and am broke enough that I can’t even contemplate making the trip down to help out. It sucks on a level that just hurts. I’m so tired of all y friends having to go through these tough situations. When do we start to get a break? Hell, even Bri and I have been through the wringer the past 3 years. And honestly? I’m sick to death of it. It’s exhausting to live paycheck to paycheck and not know if you’re gonna make ends meet from one week to the next , dreading the next unexpected expense.


Hopefully things will start to turn around. For ALL of us.

Wherein I find I may have a bit of a SciFi Obsession…

25 07 2008

Weather: High –82 degrees, mostly sunny. Stop teasing me , weather gods! It’s July! ::enjoys::

I’ve been spending a big chunk of my day buried under a slew of work projects, but I’ve managed to insert little stretches of time to watch you tube and refresh web pages feverishly. Why, you ask? BECAUSE IT’S MOTHERF**KING COMIC CON 2008, that’s why. And seeing as I’m too (1) BROKE and (2) out of vacation time to go, I have to live vicariously. So far I’ve managed to see most of the Torchwood panel–which kicks ass — and a slew of snippets here and there on Twilight (shut up!), Watchman (ZOMG! Is it March 09 yet????), Wolverine (ZOMG THEY FINALLY GOT GAMBIT!!) and several other bits and bobs. True Blood is looking better than I expected, mostly because I only found the books okay. (Does an IFOR for not having HBO. Guess I-Tunes will be seeing a lot of my business once that starts airing. SIGH) I’m scouring around for the Doctor Who panel as I heard it was hysterical. (Steven Moffat was there. Say no more. )

Anyway–I’ll be watching the G4 coverage AGAIN tonight (After Doctor Who ZOMG!) and geeking out all over again. Hee.

A quick side trip into heinous gossip tabloid crap country: Christian Bale’s mum and sister need to be bitchslapped. Apparently the whole “assault” brouhaha was over them hitting him up for money, insulting his wife when he said no, then calling the cops when he got angry. Very nice. If this had been my family? I would have laid them out with a two-by-four. SRSLY.

ZOMG it IS Friday, right? ::does a wee dance of joy::

This showed up in my mail from Astrology.com. Good news I think…

On July 26, energetic Mars in hard-working Virgo forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn, putting the focus on your goals. Take advantage of this beneficial aspect to move yourself — and your projects — forward. People in influential positions will help you now, so don’t waste any wonderful opportunities!

Apparently Saturday looks to be auspicious. Must make sure we take advantage of that energy!

On a side note– tangentially speaking here — I managed to get my hands on an old Victoria magazine (circa October 1998) which had a fantastic article on the House from Practical Magic.
(Yes the very house Brian and I want to build. ) It had some amazing shots from inside the house and it gave us a better idea of how we want to decorate once we find a new place to live. Yes we’re a little obsessed with that lovely Victorian.  (And we want to run a shop like Sally’s in the movie.)

On the writing front, didn’t get much more written last night. Then again, I was drooping like a lily left out in the summer heat last night. SOO tired. Brain was full of fluff and I ended up staring at a blinking cursor for 2 hours last night. Sigh again.

This weekend looks to be a flurry of running around and getting some writing done on the fly. My brother in law has gotten a new computer so I’ll be heading over to help him get it set up. My sister is also going to be spending the weekend stuffing envelopes for her wedding invites. (ZOMG, that is getting so close!! October 18!!)

Is it Friday yet? No? ::weeps::

24 07 2008

Weather: high – 79 degrees & partly sunny. Another glorious day in the city. Not complaining one jot!

Wow this weather trend has been a nice respite. Very low humidity and almost cool temps all day. Certainly doesn’t feel like July.

Got some writing done last night. Another 500+ words. Granted not up to my usual word count but I seem to be ramping up. Current word count for Carrion Dreams is about 23,000. I’d like to make it to 50,000 for a good size first novel. (I visualize this as a trilogy). Dark of the Mirror is hovering around 45,000 since I edited out the crap. It will probably end up closer to 75000, like a good vampire novel should. I still have All Creatures Fanged & Furry and All Demons Dread and Dire to get started on. (One’s done and needs an overhaul, the sequel is in pieces and ALSO in need of an over haul) so Lots to work on.

Been listening to a lot of Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate lately. Love their atmospheric soundtrack style of music. Makes for a nice spooky atmosphere. Kinda like the incidental music that Tangerine Dream did for the Legend Soundtrack. Killer!

Trying to get a gazillion things done for work right now. As I have probably whined about mentioned before.  I’ve been talking with friends and, granted until Brian gets a steady job, the point is moot, I think I’m looking to change my career field entirely. Not sure to WHAT, but I’m thinking something creative. Maybe start our own business, even if it’s just a side business for now.

Gotta dash

More rambling tomorrow!

Here- Have some Nox Arcana for your evening!
Nox Arcana — Temple of the Black Pharaoh

A little WOOT! and a lot of WHAT????

23 07 2008

Weather: high 77 degrees (O_O) and much cooler! And no humidity! ZOMG! THANK YOU WEATHER GODS!!!

So the weather was a lot cooler this morning, in fact downright unseasonable. (Though again, seasonable is enough to make me run screaming into the fridge. I HATE HOT WEATHER!)

Suffering the fools at work not so gently. I’m really starting to lose patience with them, mostly because once I’ve explained a simple procedure for the 10th time, I get a little cranky.

Had a brainstorm last night and concocted a scene that will finally shatter my writer’s block. Trying to get it into text format so it doesn’t disappear into the ether again.  Thanks to Liquid Story Binder, I’m able to get the scene written out of order and stored alongside the manuscript in progress. WOO! (I was able to get a free licensed copy from Giveaway of the Day, though I wish I’d had my laptop to download it onto that day. Sigh. Anyway

Had coffee and convo with Lisa today. Always a joy and a nice respite from the drudgery of work. We both agreed we need to do something fun to get us out of the house. With her lifemate Tom on nights for the rest of the month it kinda impacts our double dating , so to speak.

Saw the news that Christian Bale had been arrested on Assault charges by his mum and sister. Turns out it was much ado about nothing. Apparently in England, you can get charged with assault if you yell at someone.  If you actually HIT someone it’s battery. The charges were subsequently dropped and noone’s talking about it. I’m kinda assuming that what happened is an argument got a little escalated and someone called the cops in anger. Bale doesn’t strike me a someone who would lash out at family. He keeps his private life pretty private.

Anyway. Work is getting hectic so I’d better cut this short. Need to get my projects done. Photoshop beckons.

Rainy Monday and post Dark Knight Musings…

21 07 2008

Weather: weekend–upper 80s and STEAMY.
Today: High 82, rainstorms and cooling off!!

Still drying off form my walk in this morning. Rain was quite nice change from the merely hot and steamy we’ve been suffering through lately.

I CAN HAS LAPTOP!! Brian went and picked it up for me!!!! I can finally get back to writing!!

So. Dark Knight. Can you say MOTHERFRAKKING AWESOME??? Heath Ledger was just AMAZING. He was the Arkham Asylum Joker, the agent of Chaos, no moral compass or sympathetic back story to explain his actions. As he says “I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one.” Christian Bale was phenomenal as always, as were Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. Brill across the board. And let’s not overlook Aaron Eckhart’s performance as Harvey Dent. His turn in the movie is both terrifying and heartbreaking. And buries previous portrayals of the character in the dust. And there is no easy burn makeup and hot pink hair in this version. Just nightmare inducing memories of anatomy class.

Speaking of Heath, finally saw Brokeback Mountain. And after actually seeing the movie, the jokes aren’t as funny anymore. It was heartbreaking and beautiful to watch. The gay theme was besides the point. It was about unrequited love full stop. And Heath and Jake were amazing in it. Also saw The Order, which, while not a great film, was better than I expected. I imagine a lot of the critics found it too weird and panned it as a result. Neat take on some mythology within the Catholic faith and some pointed commentary on the idea of absolution for those excommunicated and heresy. I liked it. Then again, I’m weird that way. VBEG.

I’m so bloody itching to get back to writing. I have a lot of stuff that I’ve scribbled out long hand that now must go through the usual painstaking translation to pixels process.

Thank the gods I made it through the damn day. Snoots managed to interrupt my sleep numerous times last night, first by trying to re-hang all the artwork in the bedroom(1:30 am), then by munching on his squeaky toy under the bed (2:30 am), then meowing as though the demons of hell were on his tail at 4 am. Needless to say I got about 2 hours of decent sleep and wrenched the everloving shit out of my neck trying to get him off the headboard last night.!

So! A bit of writing tonight so I can fondle…um erm… use my laptop and then to bed for at least 8 hours of sleep tonight.

New Top Gear to watch over dinner so that at least will be fun!


18 07 2008

Weather: High 90 and possible thunderstorms! Woo!

YAY! I can has Dark Knight tickets!! We’ll be seeing it at the 4:40 matinee. ZOMG! And the Watchman Trailer is in front of it!! SQUEE!!! I swear, it seems like Hollyweird finally got a frikkin clue as to how to make a DECENT comic book movie! Hellboy II was fantastic and the next few comic book movies seem to be just leaps and bounds above what has come before.

Went to lunch with a couple of the brokers here, had a fantastic lunch. Moo. Too much good food makes Heidi Sleepy. Had a little swordfish, some prime rib, a little pasta with scallops (It’s a buffet folks, I didn’t order all these dishes!) and a fantastic seared tuna. Yeah YUM!

Trying to get a bajillion things done today so this may end up being short.

ETA: MY LAPTOP IS DONE!!!! I MUST GET IT!!! They aren’t open on the weekend so I may leave here early so I can get it.

I suppose maiming everyone is out of the question?

17 07 2008

Weather: High 93 and ZOMG SO HUMID!!

Between the weather, my hormones, my lack of laptard and growing anger at my own health issues, I’m kinda unfit to live with right now. Thank the gods my husband is an understanding man.

Politics is again getting on my last goddamn nerve. I’m getting tired of reading idiots responding with the same damn talking points that have been PROVEN incorrect. Most of this is against Obama. That he’s a Muslim. That he’s a flip flopper. That he’s a radical left winger.
SIGH! Why can’t the average jackass do a LITTLE research. Not even having to go that far to do it. SICK SICK SICK of people too stupid to breathe making decisions in this country. (That goes for both sides of the political fence, by the way.)

Having some side fun creating icons for my friends today. We stumbled across a great website for writer related stuff (Angry Writer) so we swiped some of the quotes from there (with credit!) and made several icons. Most of them ended up being pictures of actors we like with the epitaph “My Muse is a Very Very Bad Man” . We are a fun bunch of gals like that. I have to admit, my best friends are all artist’s in some capacity. Musicians, writers, painters, photographers…kinda like a 19th century Salon, just in a networked virtual online kinda way. 🙂

Not getting much work done today, though I did get the initial work done on our webpage. I’m still behind on the golf outing design stuff, but it’s coming along.

Bri’s FINALLY getting his new glasses after almost a month of dealing with his broken ones. (They lost the earpiece at the solder where it meets the actual lenses. Because they’re titanium, they can’t be soldered back into place. So new frames it was!)

Still no word on my laptard. May have to go swipe my sister’s. Not like she needs it for work or anything. ::rubs inner arm like an addict::

Ah well. Time to head home and get some writing done.

Hope all is well in the rest of the world!