Monday: The maligned start of the work week…

30 06 2008

Weather: High–77 degrees and partly sunny.

Well, I’ll deal with the elephant in the room first. I’m okay. Apache’s passing hit me hard, but relief at the ease in her pain has overtaken my sadness at her loss. I think I’ve seen her twice in the house already, so I think she may be lurking. I did a small release ceremony for her on Saturday evening. I asked the Lady Bast to intercede and help her across. I felt when she went and there was a large overwhelming sense of peace. Maybe that’s why I’m not bawling constantly. I miss her but she’s happier now.

Now onto things of a less melancholy nature.

Went and saw Wanted on Saturday. I needed out of the house and we figured mindless violence might counteract my anger and sadness. And god love em, it did. I’ve seen a lot of pooh-poohing the movie across the intrawebs, mostly by people who are wont to pooh-pooh anything that doesn’t fit their tiny definition of “good film”. This was a popcorn film in the best possible sense. Black humour, ultra-violence, and various states of undress for the cast members. Woot! I loved it.  It was snarky and visually stunning and yes, required an IMMENSE suspension of disbelief. It wasn’t supposed to be a frikkin’ documentary or straightforward drama. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! I came out of it with a huge smile on my face, which was amazing considering the circumstances. Really wanted to get in shape, get a tattoo and take up some assassin training. SRSLY!

Work is extremely busy today so I’m gonna cut this short. End of month and more projects that need some attention.

More tomorrow including my long awaited New York Trip write up part 2!

Daily Vid:

A Bit of Wanted, just for kicks. This is the R-rated trailer, so probably NSFW.




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