RIP Apache.

28 06 2008

She’s gone. It was so quick I haven’t even registered it happened.

I can’t get my heart to stop hurting.

It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all. I should have been able to fix her, save her.

I don’t care if it’s irrational or silly or illogical. I fucking hate cancer. It keeps taking those I love.

I miss my furry little princess. She was always on my lap or on my chest, purring away. She was at turns, affectionate, hostile, funny, scary and always herself.

I’ll be lucky to get another like her. I love Snoots to distraction, don’t get me wrong. But his personlity is polar opposite Apache’s. (He’s Still affectionate as hell and purrs up a storm, but he’s not a lap kittie. )

So my sweet little girl, be at rest, be at peace.  No more pain or weakness to hamper you. Only sun and plenty of things to stalk and play with.

Take care of my dad and Puca and Sam and Chaucer, where ever you all are.




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31 12 2008
New Year’s Eve: Standing on the Brink… « Nevermoreland

[…] While there were plenty of reasons to hate this year (The Flood, too many deaths, including my poor wee Apache!, Brian getting laid off, and health issues across the board) , there were many many good things as […]

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