Wednesday worries and wishes…

25 06 2008

weather: high –83 degrees and RAIN. Looks like it’s gonna be time to build the ark soon.

Brian’s taking Apache to the vet this morning. Depending on what the vet says, she’s either going to need surgery or she is at the end of her fight. Either way, it’s not going to be good news. She lost more weight while we were gone. And I don’t think she’s used the litter pan in a few days. And all symptoms point to her kidneys going. I’m sad, but resigned. She’s had so many issues lately, I think she’s just tired. She looks at me every so often and the look in her eyes hurts to see.

SIde Note– Brian’s called twice now because Miss Apache is not cooperating and getting in the carrier. Now she’s hiding under the bed. I really shouldn’t be laughing. But I am.

ETA:  Apache’s cancer is back. And metastasized. We’ll be putting her to sleep on Saturday. My little girl is finally leaving us. I only hope she finds peace.

I’m going to cut this here. I can’t even think straight right now.



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