Back from New York and feeling fine!

24 06 2008

Weather: Today- 81 Degrees and partly sunny!

So. New York.

All in all, I think 90% of my negative preconceptions were blown away. And 90% of my good ones remain intact.

We flew out from Midway in Chicago on Thursday morning, a rather turbulent flight for me. Bri was unaffected and makes the “She’s Loopy” hand motion when I mentioned this.  We arrived at LaGuardia Airport around 2:00 and were met by Terri and Keith with many a hug and big grin. We piled in the Funky Blue Van and were off to the Bronx where the wild writers live.

Got to Terri & Keith’s and got settled in. Met the furry children, Aoki and Marcus, (well, it was re-meet Marcus for me, since I knew him from when Terri & I lived in Boston) , and we were easily subdued by their feline charms. They are both two of the most loveable , sweet kittens ever to be seen.  🙂

While setting in to chat about stuff and what not and fandom galore, Laura Gilman swung by to join in our welcome party, to share pizza and some absolutely fabulous red wine. Terri and I reminisced a lot about the past, Keith and Laura entertained us with many many stories, and  much good fun was had.

On Friday we were up, caffeinated,  and out the door to go meet Laura again and head into Manhattan, where we visited Times Square (Somehow smaller in person, but good lord all the LIGHTS!), saw the size of god’s ego Toys R’ Us, where much squeeing was done, especially when Terri spotted the WALL-E remote controlled robot. ( Said item was purchased so fast I think the clerk’s head was spinning!) We stopped for lunch at the Europa cafe, then off to  see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, which was wonderful! (Plus got to see the trailer for Twilight again. HEE! WOT?? DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!)  Back onto the subway where we were treated to impromptu theater when a rider on the subway took exception to our rather animated discussion and proceeded to move to the far side of the car and relate this to his friend, loudly and drunkenly. We were amused and just continued on our merry way.

We then stopped back at Chez Terri & Keith to clean up and waited fro Keith’s Dad to pick us up for dinner. We were taken out to the absolutely fantastic Mario’s, where we met up with Keith’s mom- Grace Anne, who is possibly the most incredibly warm and lively person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Both his parents are great conversationalists and we had some really great conversations over dinner.  Also there were Laura, Helga and John (who share the house with Grace and Bob, Keith’s Dad), Keith’s cousin Elizabeth, and Aunt Livia.  We crowded around a big table and tucked in for some amazing Italian food that just left me gobsmacked. I had a spinach gnocchi that  was absolutely mouth watering. SOO GOOD!  Accompanied by some really good wine and finished off with some dessert that was so rich, I swear I was in a coma for the rest of the evening.

After dinner, we headed back to Terri and Keith’s, stopping by Elizabeth’s apartment (She lives in the same building as Terri & Keith) for some very tasty homemade ice cream. (Espresso chocolate & mint chocolate chip. NOM NOM NOM!) Sleep hit us like a brick and we had a big day planned for Saturday, so off to sleep we went.

Part Two of the trip later.

You can go see some of the pictures from the trip here.




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