Day Before Vacation Squee & Random Fest

18 06 2008

Weather: High — 72 degrees & partly sunny!

Can’t really complain again today. Nice cool breeze to counteract the sun. Me likey!

So! Tomorrow we’ll be on the plane to New York. I’m alternately exilirated and terrified. Flying just hasn’t been the same for me lately.

Apache is still acting worrysome. Slow to move, not eating as much. Even turned her nose up at some milk this morning, which is definitely not like her. Sigh. I really and truly hope she’s not going to leave us while we’re gone.

Just found out one of the brokers who used to work here (and had retired) passed away. This is the 4th person I know who worked her who’s passed away while I’ve been here. I guess it’s expected with the average age of people here being over 65. Still is strange for me, and sad as well. The people who’ve died were all very nice and were always good to me.

Have a lot to do today, so this will be short!

Daily Vids will resume when I get back!




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