Tuesday Musings of no consequence

17 06 2008

Weather: High–74 degrees and wayyyy sunny!

Had a nice walk into work this morning, what with the unseasonably cool temps and all. We’re getting the GOOD aspects of the weird weather, though I feel really horrible for what the people in Iowa, Wisconsin and Mid Indiana are dealing with right now. Katrina-like flooding, damaged homes, displacement and full loss of not only their homes but the land the homes were on. No climate change, my ass.

On a quick side political note, I was really impressed with Al Gore’s speech last night, when he endorsed Obama for President. He made a lot of the points I was waiting to hear from the dems. Also, I really like that neither he nor Obama let the crowd make disrespectful noises towards Hillary Clinton. I know I might just be a little optimistic here, but I honestly think if they can all (McCain included) keep this kind of respect intact, the election process might actually be a little clean for once and focused on the ISSUES not this stupid ass minutiae that has nothing to do with the position. Obama’s speech on Religion almost made me stand up and cheer. FINALLY someone took the bull by the horns and addressed the issue head on. And with eloquence and none histrionic tones. Done and done.

Feeling weirdly emo today. But on the good side of the fence for once. Excited about our trip to New York, seeing light at the end of the tunnel where the house is concerned, and feeling tremendously upbeat about moving and new paths ahead. Maybe someone slipped some Xanax in my coffee this morning. Who knows. The only concern on the spreadsheet is Miss Apache. She’s been having more down days than up days lately. I know we only have her for a limited time, but I don’t want that time to be bad for her. We won’t be able to get her to the vet before we leave and that is generating a great amount of guilt on my part. I love the little furball, but I don’t want to repeat the mistakes that were made with my dad.


On a totally aside note– Been having a growing addiction to the Ting Tings, and, GODDESS HELP ME, the new remixed Chris Brown song. ::facepalm:: Bri and I find ourselves chair dancing whenever it comes on. Without an ounce of shame, I might add. Can’t help it. The newest crop of R&B younglings are all taking a page from the EuroTechno book, thus sidestepping the usual crappiness that is American Dance music.

So without ado
DAILY VID (the earworm edition)
Blondie — Heart of Glass (this was the first ’45 I ever owned!!)

Echo & the Bunnymen — Lips Like Sugar (My husband is fond of singing along with this one. OF course he has an amazing baritone voice. )

Talk Talk — Talk Talk (I. FUCKING. LOVE. THIS. SONG.!!!!)




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