Post Father’s Day Pre New York City Haze…

16 06 2008

Weather: Weekend- Kinda hot and stormy, actually. Up in the 80’s a bit.
Today: High of 75, though it feels cooler. Woo!

Gearing up for New York and trying not to let my flying neurosis kick in. I am SO looking forward to this trip, Between work and home stuff, I’m clinging tenaciously to sanity by my rather brittle fingernails. Bri is about the same.

We still have a buttload of stuff that needs to get fixed around the house. When we get back from New York, I’ll have two major focuses. One is getting the new mortgage for the house so we can get the damn title finally over to our name. The second is my sister’s wedding. I have been a woefully bad Matron of Honor so far. Really need to step up and help out, seeing as my sister bent over backwards for mine. SIGH.

I feel so burnt out right now that I’m useless. I have things promised to many people and I just can’t seem to get the proverbial shit together. Not really whining, just stating as a fact. I really have a problem functioning right now. So vacation is definitely welcome. (Only concern is Apache, who’s health is on a rollercoaster right now. The in-laws will be stopping by every day to feed and water the little furballs, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about Miss Apache leaving us while we’re gone. There’s not much I can do about it either way. The vet has basically told us she’s winding down. We know the cancer’s not going away and she’s just slowly gearing down a little each day. )

Terri & Keith have a plethora of fun things planned for us when we get to NYC. We’ll be going to museums and restaurants and libraries, oh my! Not to mention going to a BBQ with a bunch of LiveJournal friends who live in the area. Always nice to put a face with an online persona. 🙂

And yes, we’re entering week two of Laptop Deathwatch. I probably won’t be able to get it in to be fixed until AFTER NYC, so I will be without Teh Interwebs and what not while I’m out there. Unless of course Miss Terri is sweet and let’s me use her ‘puter to check mail and what not. (I’m sure she will. She’s cool like dat.)

Anyway– I have to get back to work, as I have a week’s worth of stuff to cram into 3 days.

Many of my friends seem to be going through the reassess- retool-rejuvenate their lives. Maybe it’s just that time. We’re about to go through a new election and hopefully, regardless of who wins, we will have some new ideas to get us out of the mess we’re in. Maybe that’s just the precursor we’re feeling and want to do some housecleaning ourselves. ::muses::

Daily Vid:
Ting Tings –-Great DJ (Talk about an earworm song! )

Obligatory MUSE video!
Feeling Good (Nina Simone Cover) (::slobbers all over the desk:: Really love this cover!)

Paul Van Dyk —We Are Alive (Because we need one uplifting techno song for the day!)





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