Yesterday never happened. We will not speak of it…

13 06 2008

Weather: Yesterday? HOT & STEAMY! 90 degrees and Humid!
Today?: Not so bad. 81 degrees and some thunderstorms. Woo!

Getting ready for our NYC trip which can’t come too bloody soon. Work has piled the stress on this week. This weekend is Father’s Day, which has become bittersweet for me. And my brother’s birthday. I always feel ancient when I realize his age. (He’s 8 years younger than me). I had a brief emotional sag when he turned 21, and another when he turned 30. When he finally hits 40, I’m gonna really start feeling old!

ETA: Wow. Tim Russert died. 58 frikkin years old. Which is way too young to be dropping from a heart attack. I will miss his commentary come election night. My heart goes out to his family.

Well, looks like it’s gonna be a weak week for posting, folks. I”ll try and post somehting more substantive next week.

Daily Vids:
(Obligatory MUSE video for the day)
Muse — Bliss
(One of their cooler vids, visually stunning and Matt rocking the Manic Panic red hair.)

Ludo — Love Me Dead
(Mostly because they’re funny as hell, and also the song is catchy as hell)

And just because I’m loving their new stuff:
Coldplay — Violet Hill




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16 06 2008

I was saddened watching Tom Brokaw’s dedication to Tim…saw it on this morning’s news.

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