Gremlins with ice picks are attacking me, I swear!

11 06 2008

Weather: High: 85 Degrees (GAH!) and sunny! The giant flaming ball of evil is BACK!

The subject line actually refers to how my insides feel right now. Must be having digestive issues again. GAH!

Random thought #1: If I wasn’t happily married, I would SO have Matt Bellamy’s little elven babies. SRSLY.

Well this weekend is booked up and makes it bloody impossible to get the house thoroughly cleaned before we leave for NYC next Thursday. (Squee)  Saturday we’ll be celebrating my brother’s birthday and Sunday is over to the in-laws for Father’s Day.

And I’m SOO looking forward to the trip to New York.  I’ll get to see a bunch of people, some I haven’t met in person before and at least one I’ve been friends with for over 20 years.

So. Still feeling punky and overwhelmed. This too shall pass.

Till tomorrow folks.

Daily Vid
Red Hot Chili Peppers–
Desecration Smile (Live @ Abbey Road) (Mostly because I just saw this performance the other night and loved it.  John Frusciante is just amazing. There’s a bit of Flea at the beginning.)

Snow Patrol w/Martha Wainwright — Set Fire to the Third Bar (Live @ Abbey Road) (Yes there’s a theme here. I just love their voices together. The chorus gives me chills)

Massive Attack w/Liz Fraser — Teardrop (Live @ Abbey Road) (Can you tell I love this bloody show?? This just had Bri and I gobsmacked. Such a fantastic version!)




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