Sometimes I think that Buddha is smacking me on the head…

2 06 2008

Weather: This Weekend: highs were in the 80’s and HUMID!
Today: High 82 & SUNNY! with Thunderstorms later. YAY!

Weekend was BUSY with housework and errand running and friend visiting.

Also, I think my attempts at getting myself back on track physically and mentally are finally starting to work. I’ve kept up with my workout schedule for 5 days straight and have been doing a lot of meditation and self-analysis that has helped sort out a lot of crap in my head.

I’m slowly starting to find my footing again. Finally starting to realize what I need to be doing. I’ve realized that I have a couple non-fiction books in me as well as the fiction manuscripts that I’m working on. I’ve realized that I can lose the weight, but it requires dedication and focus just like anything else. I’m not looking to be model thin , just to be healthy.

I’ve discovered I can let go of the past and realized that people who have no meaning in my life have no power over me. Being angry at them only feeds them, and to truly disassociate from them I need to Mab them (Not ignore them, just truly believe they don’t exist). It’s amazing how easily it can be done. Even if they are lurking around trying to see over the fence into your backyard. ::grins::

Very cool music news!
Front 242 is releasing a free download of their new single on June 15th. If you’re interested, go to this link: /shop_comments.php?id=1524_0_8 _0_C

They will ask for your e-mail and you can get the mp3’s in your choice of quality e-mailed to you when they are released!

On that note– Have a couple EBM vids:
Apoptygma Berzerk —Suffer in Silence (My fave song by them. Will make me dance No matter what mood I’m in!)

Front 242- Headhunter (CLASSIC!!!!)

Nitzer Ebb — Join the Chant (CLASSIC #2!)




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