I never could get the hang of Thursdays….

29 05 2008

Weather: high — 69° (giggles like a 12 yr old) and partly cloudy w/ thunderstorms later tonight.

Well, today is shaping up as some kind of barn burner.

SO tired of old drama rising up and poking at me with sticks. I’m so OVER IT.
I need to take a sabbatical from online gadflies and their gleefully vitriolic minions. A breath of fresh non-online air, if you will.

Brian gleefully bought and installed Scrivener for both of us. Talk about rocking the f*cking world here!! I can’t wait to sit down with it and get my entire manuscripts and affiliated research together in ONE place. WOOT! After a great reccie from Phaedra, I am now a complete fangirl!

Bri and I started pulling single card readings from the four decks we have at home, Tarot and a few oracles. All of the readings were very pointed in their results and surprisingly consistent across the four cards. Needless to say, we’ve decided to do more readings each night and see what kind of energy is working.

Also, got back on the workout wagon last night. Did the 8 Minute Abs DVD with Bri in addition to my daily 2 mile walk. I’m adding in 20 minutes on the elliptical tonight and starting the Billy Blanks Bootcamp DVDs as well. Now if I could just get my diet back on track. (I say diet, but I mean eating habits. I don’t believe in diets per se. But I need to curtail the sweets, dairy and fast food. All are not helping the situation.)

Daily Vid- Symphonc Metal edition

Lacuna Coil — Our Truth
(Italian Goth Metal and ZOMG I LOVE THEM!)

Within Temptation — Stand My Ground
(Dutch Symphonic metal– Sharon has the BEST voice in female fronted metal -PERIOD.)

Nightwish — Amaranth
(Finnish Symphonic Metal– New vocalist Annett is phenomenal, though some argue previous vocalist Tarja was better. I prefer Annett actually. And Keyboardist/lyricist Tomas? NOM NOM NOM)



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