ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZz…WOT?! ::mainlines Caffeine::

28 05 2008

Weather: High — 61 degrees and mostly sunny…like a giant flaming ball of evil trying to kill me!!!

Am frikkin exhausted today. Brian had a one day free-lance assignment that was second shift, which in addition meant that I had to pick him up from the train station at midnight last night, which meant I didn’t even see the bed until almost one a.m. Needless to say, prying my sorry carcass out of the sack this morning at five a.m. was nigh unto torture. Needless to say, Bri is gonna let the agency know he’s no longer taking second shift work. If we had a second car it might be another story. ::facepalm:: I’m still trying to wake up even now. Only upside to having to stay up late last night? Got to do a mini-marathon of “Blood Ties” though the Lifetime On Demand on our cable. Woot! 4 hours of Henry Fitzroy can make anything better!

My laptop is still on life support. I’m going to get a new AC adapter from Dell and see if that works. I still think it might be the power jack that’s fubar’d. Grr. Didn’t realize how reliant I was on the damn thing till it stopped working. At least I have the Mac downstairs to fall back on.

Memorial day was…interesting. Spent the bulk of the time at my sister’s, reburning her machine. Windows was completely fucocktun and wouldn’t even load in safe mode. Repair didn’t work, so reburn it was. She wasn’t happy. Life goes on. We did have really good grilled steaks and chicken, and nice convo with Marc’s (my sister’s fiancé) parents and my mum. The weekend in general was a massive cleaning push, with tons of purging and recycling. Felt good to get all the crap out the door.

Have a metric tonne of stuff to do at work today. Not exactly mentally positioned to get it done in any efficient fashion. Not that this is anything new. End of month reports, project work, plus our Voice Mail is down for the count. So I really need to skeedaddle and earn my paycheck.

Daily vid:

New Band Day!

Starkey —Hey Bang Bang
(Australian band that I first saw on IMF (r.i.p.) Excellent jangly pop)

Duné — A Blast Beat
(From Denmark ::pumps fist:: and neat kinda elctroclash pop. Another IMF find. God I miss that channel!)




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