Post Memorial Day meanderings….

27 05 2008

Weather: Memorial day was HOT!! 84 degrees by the time we went home.
Today: High–53 degrees. Yes you read that right. There was a windchill of 39 degrees this morning. ::Checks calendar:: June is 5 days away. Pls to be making weather choice and sticking with it!

Am having a bit of a day today so sorry for the short post.

Spent Memorial Day at my sister’s, having fabulous grilled meat flesh and company.
Worked on her computer and had lengthy discussions about moving with my mom.  Brian and I are trying desperately to figure out the best plan to get us from here to there without breaking the bank or making ourselves insane.

Am so exhausted that my focus has completely dissipated. Must take a nap on the train home.

Had an epiphany over the weekend. Well it was an epiphany to ME. Apparently Brian was unimpressed saying that he knew that all along. Fat lot of good that does me now! ::hee::

Anyway–the epiphany was this.  As geeky as I am over SciFi and books, my REAL geekiness lies in music. I began to realize this on Friday when I was just apoplectic on the side of psychotically excited to see Muse live on the telly. I haven’t been that gleefully muppet like over anything lately. The closest was getting the newest demo from Jack and the Band a week or so ago. That made me very giddy as well. But I’m not as entranced by genre Sci Fi as a lot of my friends, and although I love comics & graphic novels, I’m not as entrenched in any line or characters as my other friends. I’m not a gamer. AT ALL.  So I kind of have the deer in headlights look when people start going on about Second Life or WOW or even the latest Wii/PS3/PC etc games. REALLY don’t have any inkling.  My love is in music and genre horror fantasy. Give me a marathon of live concerts and a few episodes of vampire/wizard /Demon hunter themed telly and I’m a happy girl.  Seriously.  There’s little in those two areas that won’t paste an instant smile on my face. So, sorry my friends. I just may have to turn in my Sci Fi Geek Girl card. It just isn’t doing it for me anymore.  (the exception being Doctor Who & BSG. Love those two shows to distraction. But even there, we’re not talking pure sci fi. )

So anyway. Those who know me well, are probably not surprised in the least about the above.  Guess maybe I’ve just decided to not keep trying to be SUPERFAN and allow some things I’m just peripherally interested in STAY at the periphery. I don’t need to be the Biggest Fan of EVERYTHING. It’s exhausting and I just don’t want to dedicate my entire life to maintaining that status.  I love music and that’s always going to be my primary fandom. That and vampire stuff. Just the way my brain works.

Now– I’ve gotta get a move on and get home. My i-pod beckons and I have writing to do.

Daily Vid:
Cause I’m in a MUSE mood:

Supermassive Black Hole

Plug In Baby

See ya’ll on the flip side!




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