The Ghost In You

22 05 2008

Weather: Yesterday– high–56 and FREAKING COLD! Today? High – 62 and again with the FREAKING COLD WIND!

Yesterday was a big ole clusterfuck. Went to the dentist expecting to get an impression and a temp crown and instead spent an hour & a half in the dentists chair getting my tooth ground down in addition. OY! Then the trains were farked up so I didn’t make it into work. Usually I would be giddy for an unexpected day off, but not so much yesterday.

Today is panning out to be another round of tedium but there is a good chance that Bri may have a freelance project lined up. So 6 of one, half dozen of t’other.

I’m dreading tomorrow. As I always do. Can’t believe it’s been two years since Dad passed. It seems like yesterday and ten years ago at the same time. I miss him so much. And it kills me when I realize he’s never going to be able to hold his grandchildren, whenever we all get around to having them. Time was wasted and I can never get that back. Sigh.

Now–to link in with the subject–Some Psych Furs in the Daily VId:

The Ghost In You (This song has so many memories attached to it…Meep…)

And now some more nostalgia inducing vids–
Public Image Ltd — Seattle
Flashback to my college years, 120 Minutes and just being scared of John Lydon (lol))

Duran Duran — Come Up & See Me (Make me Smile) [Live]
(it’s a little grainy –1982–But ZOMG this was the holy grail of songs for the longest time- B-side of the “Reflex” single, ya’ll!)



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