Don’t Blink! Blink and you’re DEAD!

20 05 2008

Weather: High- 61 degrees & Partly Sunny (::checks calendar:: It’s MAY right??)

Sooo. Weather is kinda chilly and gloomy. The kind of weather that makes you want to nap, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before.

A brief sideline into Geeky Fandom: I’m all asquee because it was just announced that Stephen Moffat will be replacing Russell T Davis as the head writer for Doctor Who. Those of you who have watched the new series will remember Stephen as th guy who wrote the “The Empty Child/Doctor Dances” (introducing us to Captain Jack), and “The Girl in the Fireplace” (With my Moonlight home girl Sophia Myles), and that damnably creepy “Blink” with it’s scary weeping angels. He’s also previously worked on the British comedy “Coupling” and “Jekyll” which ranks very high on my list of wicked awesome miniseries. Needless to say, I think Doctor Who is in FANTASTIC hands. SQUEE!

Movies update:

  1. Finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean: 3— Liked it but didn’t love it. Was a little disappointed they made Will and Elizabeth have such a bittersweet ending and ZOMG THEY KILLED NORRINGTON!
  2. Watched Sunshine: Cannot praise this film ENOUGH! It was amazing. Kind of a cross between Event Horizon and Solaris. Bri and I agreed that the tension was THICK throughout the entire film. I was just happy I got to sit through 2 hours of Cillian Murphy, though I missed his lovely Irish accent in this one.
  3. Caught Surf’s Up on cable and found it adorable and eminently quoteable. Loved that they made it look like it was filmed by a documentary crew. VERY funny in parts.
  4. Saw Becoming Jane. Am going to BUY it. LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! James McAvoy just needs to be bronzed and put on my mantle. Or read the phone book to me in his lovely Scottish brogue. And yes, I realize it is nowhere near biographically accurate. DON’T CARE!

Next up: Elizabeth: the Golden Age, The Golden Compass, Sphere (I’ve seen it, hubby hasn’t), Death at a Funeral (Because Alan Tudyk, Matthew Macfadyen, & Keeley Hawes? SO THERE) and The Namesake (which has sat bereft on the entertainment center for a month now.)


A Perfect Circle — Judith (I’m an unabashed Tool and APC fan. This was on the first APC album – Mer De Noms.)

Mephisto Walz — Mephisto Waltz (Needed a Goth Vid today and I love this song to distraction. )




One response

22 05 2008

Mer de Nom Nom Noms?

I loved Blink. I think Moffat will be great for the job (here’s hoping they bring back the Silurians soon!)

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