Why do the gods hate me?

19 05 2008

Weather: High- 59 and partly sunny, rain later. (It’s frikkin  COLD in the shade)

Explain to me why I should have to suffer this: Used the toilet this morning (bear with me here, no TMI involved) and got up to flush, as you do, and as I reached for the lever, a CENTIPEDE as longs as my INDEX FINGER shot out from under the toilet seat and disappeared under the tank.

I may have squeeked out some obscenities and did the flaily dance of the totally wigged out.  WHY DOES THIS CRAP ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??? GAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Listening to a crapload of Eurodance stuff right now. I blame Tom. When we were over at his and Lisa’s place on Saturday, we must have dug out a metric tonne of music from Ministry of Sound, and Party Ben and a thousand other DJ/mash-up/techno sites. REALLY am loving a lot of stuff from all those places.  Told Tom if money wasn’t an option, I’d run a club and make him the dance DJ.

All told the weekend was kinda emotionally draining. Saturday I had a bit of a meltdown. Stress has been building up for a while. My sister made a point and I was hard pressed to disagree. “You don’t FEEL your emotions, you FIGHT them.”  She’s absolutely right. I need some decompression time. I need to really mourn my father. (Has it been two years already? ) I need to allow some of these oppressive feelings vent or they’re going to grind me down to nothing.  Sunday was kinda meh, because Bri was down for the count with Sinus issues. But on the flipside, I got a lot of housework done.

Gotta dash on home. Bri’s got an appointment with a staffing agency tomorrow so we’re trying to get him all put together.

Daily VId:

Goldfrapp — No.1 (I LOOOOOOVE Goldfrapp. Neat vid for a catchy as hell song.)

4 Strings — Take Me Away (into the Night) (Another mainstay in my techno playlist.)




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