Grey and cold…suits my mood.

8 05 2008

Weather: High : 55 degrees and cloud w/ showers.

On an up note, The Daily Show actually showed LAKE COUNTY last night and mocked McDermott. I was giddy as a school girl. 🙂

I’ve come to realize that although I am a writer, I’m a frustrated musician at heart. I envy my friends with musical talent. I envy their ability to concoct a melody from the air and come up with lyrics that are at turns thought provoking and beautiful. Music is something I find great joy in. It’s the true catalyst of my emotions, allowing me to tap the vein, so to speak without having to diminish the emotion with clunky words. So I keep gathering up music, both in performances and performers, mostly because it’s the language I speak best and the people who understand it the most.

So, trying to distract myself from the depression spiral that is hovering just out of view. Not really working actually. I imagine tonight will be drowning my sorrows in hot men…um erm… Lost and Supernatural. I need SOMETHING to turn my inner eye away from the looming blob of emotion I’m really not wanting to deal with right now.

Anyway. THis has turned into a real downer…so how about some upbeat music?

Daily Vids:

Madness — The Sun & the Rain (Because these boys always make me smile!)

Mindless Self Indulgence — Shut Me Up (ElectroClash band with a Cartoon Violence video. Always puts a big old grin on my face!)

Thats all today. Sorry if this seems a little disjointed. But that’s my brain for you.




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