Soft day in the city and I need a nap!

7 05 2008

weather: high- 66 degrees and RAINY! (she says as she wrings out her pants)

So yeah. Lotsa rain this morning. Mostly when I was walking to the office. Sigh.

Still sleepy after staying up late to watch the Indiana returns from the Dem Primary.
Had to cringe every time CNN showed our a$$hole mayor, McDermott, who kept repeating like a robot “Hillary won. Hillary won.” SHUT THE HELL UP! GAH! We know you practically have your tongue halfway up her ass, you pandering git! Now stop making us look like idiots and just answer the damn questions. ::facepalm:: Anyway. Bri and I voted for Obama and are happy with that fact. Hopefully Clinton will buy a clue and bow out gracefully and stop hobbling the party with her histrionics.


I’m feeling a little under the weather today. Not really sure why. Stomach is a little queasy and my head’s doing the skull cracking thing. Took some Ibuprofen and it’s finally kicking in. May just need to get a decent night’s sleep.

Tomorrow is gonna be a rough day. It would have been my parents 43rd anniversary. I suppose in a way it still WILL be their anniversary. But my dad isn’t around to celebrate. He passed almost 2 years ago, on May 23rd. It’s gonna be hard for me and my siblings, but ten times harder for my mum who not only lost a spouse but a soul mate and best friend.
Sigh. I’m really beginning to hate the month of May.

Daily Vid…

She Wants Revenge — These Things (Because Shirley FREAKING Manson is in it and I love this band!)

Travis — Writing to Reach You (Because this song plucks my heartstrings for no reason other than it’s beautiful and reminds me of my dad.)




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