Amazing how depression creeps in wearing boredom’s clothing…

5 05 2008

Weather: Weekend: stormy Friday night, Cloudy and cool on Saturday, BEAUTIFUL Sunday with sun and low 60s.

Today: High 71 and sunny!

Don’t let the subject line fool you. This won’t be another emo post…(Listens for the sighs of relief)

Was deliriously happy this morning to find a link for the new NIN album in my e-mail. My lovely friend Jack had linked me to the official webpage for it and now I’m in the process of transferring it to my i_tunes and later to my i-Pod. Nothing makes for a happier Heidi than shiny new NIN on a Monday!

Our weekend was rather quiet, though punctuated with some minor stomach malaise. That and I was in a punky mood. Think that my depression is catching up with me again. I’ve fallen off not only the writing wagon but the workout and cleaning wagons as well. Sigh.

Bri had gotten so much done around the house it’s amazing! THe garage door replaced, the garage cleaned out, a new faucet in the kitchen, etc. Love him for his handyman abilities!!! (Amongst other things of course!)

The in-laws will be back next week from Florida. Mixed feelings on this. We get so used to them not being here for 5 months and we’re gonna miss the lack of stress. But…they’re family, so what can you do? Hopefully they will follow through with their threat to find a condo up here as well so we don’t need to watch their house for them for the 5 months they’re gone.

I need to shake this funk off. It’s getting to be debilitating whenever it hits lately.

And now, for your aMUSEment , some vids…(heh)

I’m gonna cut this cause they’re 3 vids this time!

Yes, they’re all by MUSE. Pretty much one of my favorite bands at the moment.  Matt Bellamy is a musical wunderkind and the band as a whole is just PHENOM!
First up: Hysteria (Good lord and lady–the bass alone on this could kill you!)

Then: Map of the Problematique. (this is my FAVORITE  Muse Song EVAH!–The drums are INSANE on this)

(this is a live version since they didn’t make a proper vid for it yet. STILL sounds amazing.

And lastly: for sheer S & Gs
Knights of Cydonia

Enough fun for today!




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