Right…Keep the sharp objects away from me today..

30 05 2008

Weather: High– 78 degrees & RAINY (translates into HUMID which makes me CRANKY)

Many things going on today of a squee worthy factor:

1: According to the boys at Ain’t it cool News, apparently its an open secret that Neil Gaiman is going to be writing an episode of Doctor Who.

::blink blink blink::


(Granted it IS a rumor still– But Neil also wrote one of my favorite episodes of Babylon 5-“Day of the Dead” )
Here’s the money quote:
From here: Comic Book Resources: Lying in the Gutters 05/27/2008

Such as the rumour running around my BBC sources that Neil Gaiman being approached to write an episode for 2010. That would be this Neil Gaiman, comic author, fantasy novelist, screenwriter, poet and writer of the Duran Duran Biography 1985. With possibly the most non-committal non-confirmation I’ve ever read. And I’ve read the responses of current Labour ministers.

In fact when I asked Neil if he’d care to comment, he pleaded the Francis saying, “You may very well think that, but I could not possibly comment.”

I do very well think that. I do.

::passes out after an extended squee of epic proportions::

Then: Have a reason to cheer up now– My copy of THIS
will be here today. ::cranks up the Matt Bellamy worship machine::

Yes, I may be on a bit of a HUGE MUSE OBSESSION kick right now…but can you blame me??
I also got a  Siouxsie & the Banshees concert film DVD to accompany the one Brian got me for Yule last year. SKA WEE!

Heading out the door, so I’m afraid this will be a short post today!

Have a good weekend all!

I never could get the hang of Thursdays….

29 05 2008

Weather: high — 69° (giggles like a 12 yr old) and partly cloudy w/ thunderstorms later tonight.

Well, today is shaping up as some kind of barn burner.

SO tired of old drama rising up and poking at me with sticks. I’m so OVER IT.
I need to take a sabbatical from online gadflies and their gleefully vitriolic minions. A breath of fresh non-online air, if you will.

Brian gleefully bought and installed Scrivener for both of us. Talk about rocking the f*cking world here!! I can’t wait to sit down with it and get my entire manuscripts and affiliated research together in ONE place. WOOT! After a great reccie from Phaedra, I am now a complete fangirl!

Bri and I started pulling single card readings from the four decks we have at home, Tarot and a few oracles. All of the readings were very pointed in their results and surprisingly consistent across the four cards. Needless to say, we’ve decided to do more readings each night and see what kind of energy is working.

Also, got back on the workout wagon last night. Did the 8 Minute Abs DVD with Bri in addition to my daily 2 mile walk. I’m adding in 20 minutes on the elliptical tonight and starting the Billy Blanks Bootcamp DVDs as well. Now if I could just get my diet back on track. (I say diet, but I mean eating habits. I don’t believe in diets per se. But I need to curtail the sweets, dairy and fast food. All are not helping the situation.)

Daily Vid- Symphonc Metal edition

Lacuna Coil — Our Truth
(Italian Goth Metal and ZOMG I LOVE THEM!)

Within Temptation — Stand My Ground
(Dutch Symphonic metal– Sharon has the BEST voice in female fronted metal -PERIOD.)

Nightwish — Amaranth
(Finnish Symphonic Metal– New vocalist Annett is phenomenal, though some argue previous vocalist Tarja was better. I prefer Annett actually. And Keyboardist/lyricist Tomas? NOM NOM NOM)

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZz…WOT?! ::mainlines Caffeine::

28 05 2008

Weather: High — 61 degrees and mostly sunny…like a giant flaming ball of evil trying to kill me!!!

Am frikkin exhausted today. Brian had a one day free-lance assignment that was second shift, which in addition meant that I had to pick him up from the train station at midnight last night, which meant I didn’t even see the bed until almost one a.m. Needless to say, prying my sorry carcass out of the sack this morning at five a.m. was nigh unto torture. Needless to say, Bri is gonna let the agency know he’s no longer taking second shift work. If we had a second car it might be another story. ::facepalm:: I’m still trying to wake up even now. Only upside to having to stay up late last night? Got to do a mini-marathon of “Blood Ties” though the Lifetime On Demand on our cable. Woot! 4 hours of Henry Fitzroy can make anything better!

My laptop is still on life support. I’m going to get a new AC adapter from Dell and see if that works. I still think it might be the power jack that’s fubar’d. Grr. Didn’t realize how reliant I was on the damn thing till it stopped working. At least I have the Mac downstairs to fall back on.

Memorial day was…interesting. Spent the bulk of the time at my sister’s, reburning her machine. Windows was completely fucocktun and wouldn’t even load in safe mode. Repair didn’t work, so reburn it was. She wasn’t happy. Life goes on. We did have really good grilled steaks and chicken, and nice convo with Marc’s (my sister’s fiancé) parents and my mum. The weekend in general was a massive cleaning push, with tons of purging and recycling. Felt good to get all the crap out the door.

Have a metric tonne of stuff to do at work today. Not exactly mentally positioned to get it done in any efficient fashion. Not that this is anything new. End of month reports, project work, plus our Voice Mail is down for the count. So I really need to skeedaddle and earn my paycheck.

Daily vid:

New Band Day!

Starkey —Hey Bang Bang
(Australian band that I first saw on IMF (r.i.p.) Excellent jangly pop)

Duné — A Blast Beat
(From Denmark ::pumps fist:: and neat kinda elctroclash pop. Another IMF find. God I miss that channel!)

Post Memorial Day meanderings….

27 05 2008

Weather: Memorial day was HOT!! 84 degrees by the time we went home.
Today: High–53 degrees. Yes you read that right. There was a windchill of 39 degrees this morning. ::Checks calendar:: June is 5 days away. Pls to be making weather choice and sticking with it!

Am having a bit of a day today so sorry for the short post.

Spent Memorial Day at my sister’s, having fabulous grilled meat flesh and company.
Worked on her computer and had lengthy discussions about moving with my mom.  Brian and I are trying desperately to figure out the best plan to get us from here to there without breaking the bank or making ourselves insane.

Am so exhausted that my focus has completely dissipated. Must take a nap on the train home.

Had an epiphany over the weekend. Well it was an epiphany to ME. Apparently Brian was unimpressed saying that he knew that all along. Fat lot of good that does me now! ::hee::

Anyway–the epiphany was this.  As geeky as I am over SciFi and books, my REAL geekiness lies in music. I began to realize this on Friday when I was just apoplectic on the side of psychotically excited to see Muse live on the telly. I haven’t been that gleefully muppet like over anything lately. The closest was getting the newest demo from Jack and the Band a week or so ago. That made me very giddy as well. But I’m not as entranced by genre Sci Fi as a lot of my friends, and although I love comics & graphic novels, I’m not as entrenched in any line or characters as my other friends. I’m not a gamer. AT ALL.  So I kind of have the deer in headlights look when people start going on about Second Life or WOW or even the latest Wii/PS3/PC etc games. REALLY don’t have any inkling.  My love is in music and genre horror fantasy. Give me a marathon of live concerts and a few episodes of vampire/wizard /Demon hunter themed telly and I’m a happy girl.  Seriously.  There’s little in those two areas that won’t paste an instant smile on my face. So, sorry my friends. I just may have to turn in my Sci Fi Geek Girl card. It just isn’t doing it for me anymore.  (the exception being Doctor Who & BSG. Love those two shows to distraction. But even there, we’re not talking pure sci fi. )

So anyway. Those who know me well, are probably not surprised in the least about the above.  Guess maybe I’ve just decided to not keep trying to be SUPERFAN and allow some things I’m just peripherally interested in STAY at the periphery. I don’t need to be the Biggest Fan of EVERYTHING. It’s exhausting and I just don’t want to dedicate my entire life to maintaining that status.  I love music and that’s always going to be my primary fandom. That and vampire stuff. Just the way my brain works.

Now– I’ve gotta get a move on and get home. My i-pod beckons and I have writing to do.

Daily Vid:
Cause I’m in a MUSE mood:

Supermassive Black Hole

Plug In Baby

See ya’ll on the flip side!

Remembering my dad….

23 05 2008

Weather: High- 58 degrees & overcast/rain.

Weather suits my mood today.

Two years ago on this date, my dad passed away. IT was a result of a botched kidney transplant. Less than six months previously he had been walking me down the aisle, and then he was gone.

I still haven’t processed this. I don’t know if I ever will. My dad and I were close. He was a great advice giver and had a wicked sense of humor, which apparently I’ve inherited from him. Dry, sarcastic…actually British if it needs be said. He always had us in stitches. He was the strong backbone for our family. A brilliant acumen for business and well -read on a mind boggling number of subjects. I caught the research bug from him.Whenever we came over to visit, he always had a new nugget of info for us about some strange event in history or a new scientific discovery he found fascinating.

I tell you this because this is the man I want to remember. Not the man who lost part of his leg to gangrene, who was never able to talk to us the last month of his life because of a tube in his throat, who was in and out of comas and finally felled by a systemic infection that put him through three cardiac arrests before the DNR kicked in and he was just…gone.

I wasn’t at the hospital when he died. I was home trying to sleep. The doctor’s had said it was unsure when his system would finally give out. For all we knew it could  hours or days. Turned out it was hours. We got the call from my mom at two a.m. and rolled out of bed to drive 20 minutes to the hospital.

To this day I cannot get the image of my dad out of my head. I knew he wasn’t there anymore, but I just couldn’t let the facts sink in. After that there were blurry days of funeral planning and helping my mom out. Being the oldest, it fell to me to help make a lot of the decisions. I sucked it up, set aside the emotions I didn’t want to deal with and began organizing the things that needed organizing.

Two years later and I still feel guilty and sad and hurt and part of me refuses to accept that he’s not still in a hospital room somewhere , waiting to come home.

I’ve come to realize that I stuffed all the emotions about this in a tupperware and it’s starting to leak. I never mourned him, not really.

Maybe this time I can.

Me and Dad on my 1st Birthday, circa 1968

The Ghost In You

22 05 2008

Weather: Yesterday– high–56 and FREAKING COLD! Today? High – 62 and again with the FREAKING COLD WIND!

Yesterday was a big ole clusterfuck. Went to the dentist expecting to get an impression and a temp crown and instead spent an hour & a half in the dentists chair getting my tooth ground down in addition. OY! Then the trains were farked up so I didn’t make it into work. Usually I would be giddy for an unexpected day off, but not so much yesterday.

Today is panning out to be another round of tedium but there is a good chance that Bri may have a freelance project lined up. So 6 of one, half dozen of t’other.

I’m dreading tomorrow. As I always do. Can’t believe it’s been two years since Dad passed. It seems like yesterday and ten years ago at the same time. I miss him so much. And it kills me when I realize he’s never going to be able to hold his grandchildren, whenever we all get around to having them. Time was wasted and I can never get that back. Sigh.

Now–to link in with the subject–Some Psych Furs in the Daily VId:

The Ghost In You (This song has so many memories attached to it…Meep…)

And now some more nostalgia inducing vids–
Public Image Ltd — Seattle
Flashback to my college years, 120 Minutes and just being scared of John Lydon (lol))

Duran Duran — Come Up & See Me (Make me Smile) [Live]
(it’s a little grainy –1982–But ZOMG this was the holy grail of songs for the longest time- B-side of the “Reflex” single, ya’ll!)

Don’t Blink! Blink and you’re DEAD!

20 05 2008

Weather: High- 61 degrees & Partly Sunny (::checks calendar:: It’s MAY right??)

Sooo. Weather is kinda chilly and gloomy. The kind of weather that makes you want to nap, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before.

A brief sideline into Geeky Fandom: I’m all asquee because it was just announced that Stephen Moffat will be replacing Russell T Davis as the head writer for Doctor Who. Those of you who have watched the new series will remember Stephen as th guy who wrote the “The Empty Child/Doctor Dances” (introducing us to Captain Jack), and “The Girl in the Fireplace” (With my Moonlight home girl Sophia Myles), and that damnably creepy “Blink” with it’s scary weeping angels. He’s also previously worked on the British comedy “Coupling” and “Jekyll” which ranks very high on my list of wicked awesome miniseries. Needless to say, I think Doctor Who is in FANTASTIC hands. SQUEE!

Movies update:

  1. Finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean: 3— Liked it but didn’t love it. Was a little disappointed they made Will and Elizabeth have such a bittersweet ending and ZOMG THEY KILLED NORRINGTON!
  2. Watched Sunshine: Cannot praise this film ENOUGH! It was amazing. Kind of a cross between Event Horizon and Solaris. Bri and I agreed that the tension was THICK throughout the entire film. I was just happy I got to sit through 2 hours of Cillian Murphy, though I missed his lovely Irish accent in this one.
  3. Caught Surf’s Up on cable and found it adorable and eminently quoteable. Loved that they made it look like it was filmed by a documentary crew. VERY funny in parts.
  4. Saw Becoming Jane. Am going to BUY it. LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! James McAvoy just needs to be bronzed and put on my mantle. Or read the phone book to me in his lovely Scottish brogue. And yes, I realize it is nowhere near biographically accurate. DON’T CARE!

Next up: Elizabeth: the Golden Age, The Golden Compass, Sphere (I’ve seen it, hubby hasn’t), Death at a Funeral (Because Alan Tudyk, Matthew Macfadyen, & Keeley Hawes? SO THERE) and The Namesake (which has sat bereft on the entertainment center for a month now.)


A Perfect Circle — Judith (I’m an unabashed Tool and APC fan. This was on the first APC album – Mer De Noms.)

Mephisto Walz — Mephisto Waltz (Needed a Goth Vid today and I love this song to distraction. )

Why do the gods hate me?

19 05 2008

Weather: High- 59 and partly sunny, rain later. (It’s frikkin  COLD in the shade)

Explain to me why I should have to suffer this: Used the toilet this morning (bear with me here, no TMI involved) and got up to flush, as you do, and as I reached for the lever, a CENTIPEDE as longs as my INDEX FINGER shot out from under the toilet seat and disappeared under the tank.

I may have squeeked out some obscenities and did the flaily dance of the totally wigged out.  WHY DOES THIS CRAP ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??? GAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Listening to a crapload of Eurodance stuff right now. I blame Tom. When we were over at his and Lisa’s place on Saturday, we must have dug out a metric tonne of music from Ministry of Sound, and Party Ben and a thousand other DJ/mash-up/techno sites. REALLY am loving a lot of stuff from all those places.  Told Tom if money wasn’t an option, I’d run a club and make him the dance DJ.

All told the weekend was kinda emotionally draining. Saturday I had a bit of a meltdown. Stress has been building up for a while. My sister made a point and I was hard pressed to disagree. “You don’t FEEL your emotions, you FIGHT them.”  She’s absolutely right. I need some decompression time. I need to really mourn my father. (Has it been two years already? ) I need to allow some of these oppressive feelings vent or they’re going to grind me down to nothing.  Sunday was kinda meh, because Bri was down for the count with Sinus issues. But on the flipside, I got a lot of housework done.

Gotta dash on home. Bri’s got an appointment with a staffing agency tomorrow so we’re trying to get him all put together.

Daily VId:

Goldfrapp — No.1 (I LOOOOOOVE Goldfrapp. Neat vid for a catchy as hell song.)

4 Strings — Take Me Away (into the Night) (Another mainstay in my techno playlist.)

Countdown to new Neil!

19 05 2008
Graveyard Book Countdown

**Sparkly** Friday post of DOOOOOOM!

16 05 2008

Weather: High- 70 degrees, even though its colder than hell this morning!

So–day seems to be slow. I’m busy, steady even, but not really anything exciting going on.

We received our surplus check–and promptly turned around and sent half of it off to a credit card company. Oy. But in the long run, it’s gonna help. It cut the debt on that card in half and I’ll be able to pay off the rest before the end of summer. So one down and 2 to go. 🙂

Am trying to get back on the workout wagon. Not the easiest task these days.

And now–some Television musing.

(BTW–Moonlight is being courted by the CW, USA and SciFi. ::crosses EVERYTHING::)

So…Supernatural last night. Kripke is just TRYING to kill me. SEPTEMBER?? I have to wait until bloody SEPTEMBER to see if…  (Spoiler behind cut)

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