At what point did I lose my mind, and will it come back if I call?

30 04 2008

Weather: High: 59 degrees & mostly sunny.

Still a little on the chilly side today. Was in the low 30s when I left for work. Brrrr!

Train was 20 minutes late getting in, due to a medical problem with a passenger who needed to be taken away by EMTs. So not exactly auspicious start to day.

AM working on Month end reports and trying to get the monthly Web Updates done for the company Intranet (Involves a bit of photoshopping graphics and some actual code jockeying.)

Bri is replacing our Garage Door today. Our old one was sticking halfway up & down, due to grotty old metal wheels and the door itself was starting to disintegrate. Menards had a sale, so now we can has shiny new door! Just hoping he doesn’t injure himself doing it. ::worries::

Writing is going apace, though I seemed to have stalled out on the scene I’m working on for Carrion Dreams. I have some major polishing to do today on Dark of the Mirror, and I may be pulling All Things Fanged & Furry out of the garage for a revamp.  Yeah. I like to make things impossibly complicated for myself these days. Sigh.

Did my abs work out this morning. Funny thing, last night I went to sit up in bed to turn over and COULDN’T. My abs just went, “Oh I don’t fucking think so! ” and seized on me. SO Brian walks in on me acting like a turtle flipped on it’s back. Sigh. REALLY need to get back in shape. Corsets to fit into and husband’s to seduce and all that. 😉

So Bri and I have decided for reals that we’re moving to the Pacific Northwest. We are going to take a trip up there sometime late summer/ early fall to scout out some areas and see where we’re gonna settle. (We know it will be near either Portland, OR  Seattle, WA) We know it’s expensive to live up there, but the climate and culture there is closer to our ideal than it is here in NW Indiana. We’re living in an industrial area with crap air & water, surrounded by gang bangers, rednecks and the flotsam & jetsam remaining after the collapse of the steel mills. It’s not our scene. And definitely not someplace I plan on raising kids. We’ll see where we specifically land, and whether we’ll buy a house or build.  (Either way, we’re going old style Victorian and green (environmental friendly, not color)) .

Am slowly drifting back into my Goth mode again. It comes and goes, like a black tide, ebbing and flowing in my life, bringing the blessed comforting dark with it.  (How’ s that for a bit of gothy posturing–WOOT!) Dyed my hair dark again, and have been stalking the Manic Panic page trying to decide on an accent color. Thinking either After Midnight Blue or Ultra Violet Purple.

I’m finding it scary how fast this year is going by. Bri and I have at least been making headway getting the house prepared for sale, and we have a ton of events coming up, so the year is only going to fly by faster. SIGH. I’m not getting any younger either.

Let’s do the daily vid!

From the vaults:
The Bolshoi
— A Way.

Criminally underrated band. Really loved the lead singer Trevor.

Radiohead – Street Spirit

Arguably my favorite Radiohead video, eclipsing “Just” by a hair. This song still gives me chills EVERY time.

On a side note, here’s a partial quote from Thom Yorke about the song…funny how I already knew this without reading this first.

Street Spirit is our purest song, but I didn’t write it. It wrote itself. We were just its messengers; its biological catalysts. Its core is a complete mystery to me, and, you know, I wouldn’t ever try to write something that hopeless. All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve. Street Spirit has no resolve. It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. It represents all tragic emotion that is so hurtful that the sound of that melody is its only definition. …

Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe they don’t realise what they’re listening to. They don’t realise that Street Spirit is about staring the fucking devil right in the eyes, and knowing, no matter what the hell you do, he’ll get the last laugh. And it’s real, and true. The devil really will get the last laugh in all cases without exception, and if I let myself think about that too long, I’d crack.

Heh. No wonder I love it so much. There’s that soul deep flirting with darkness that I indulge in way too much lately.

Music: Comalies by Lacuna Coil




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