Woot! End of the Work Week! I SURVIVED!!!

25 04 2008

Weather: High- 75 degrees (gah!) and SEVERE thunderstorms this afternoon & evening. (WOO!) ETA: It’s actually hit 82 today and HUMID. GAH!!

SO glad it’s Friday! Work is just a parade of tedium and boredom. Hopefully this malaise will lift soon. SIGH.

Getting Apache’s stitches out on Monday and FINALLY getting her collar off. Poor girl looks like she’s getting depressed having what amounts to a blue clown collar around her neck. She can’t scritch herself proper, and that’s making her very pissy.

Totally forgot one of the brokers is taking me out for lunch today. Actually looking forward to a nice meal. 🙂 ETA: Nevermind. We’re postponing until the weather gets better (It’s pouring in buckets on and off outside right now!)

Got a ton of stuff planned for the weekend. Our friend Tom is having a party for his 39th Birthday and will be a raucous get together because, hello? BIKERS! Need to get some writing done and the house is in DIRE need of cleaning. So we’ll probably be running around like crazy people all weekend.

Just a side note, and for you what cares–no SPOILERS_- BUt LOST last night? WTF? I mean srsly! W.T.F.!!!! High UNEXPECTED body count and a crapload of revelations and Action!Ben?? Great Bast I thought I was gonna have a seizure by the end of the eppy! Nice to see it back on stride again though! Tonight with the GeekGasm line up–can’t complain! Looking forward to jumping back into the Moonlight bloodpool! (Missed my Josef & Mick banter!)

Daily Vid post…

Lessee…How about a twofer? Editors & Old Skool U2! A nice anthem combo for ye!

Editors — Racing Rats. (My fave song by them at the mo)

U2 -Out of Control (From Belfast in 1981) Vid quality is only okay, but nice rip roaring version here.

That’s it for today y’all. Have a fantastic weekend!

Music: “Discipline” by NIN (For like the thousandth time today!)




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