Thursday musings and a bit of Squee!

24 04 2008

Weather: High- 75 degrees with thunderstorms later. (They better deliver this time!)

It’s been a bit of a meh week so far. Work is holding absolutely no interest for me. Granted I’m getting my work done, but it’s like pulling teeth.

Been really thinking about how I’m spending my time and I’m beginning to see that the Intrawebs are sucking a little more time than is really necessary. I think I’m gonna start cutting back on my evening and weekend online activities. I’m spending too much time with the LapTard on while watching telly, refreshing pages for some nugget of entertaining news or post to respond to. Not really a life there, innit?

Got some more written for “Carrion Dreams” though it needs transcribing . Trying to stick to my “250 a workday, 500 a weekend day” wordcount.

Oh and the squee? Well tonight there’s not only a NEW LOST EP on but a new SUPERNATURAL ep as well! Add on the cavalcade of new eps of Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, BSG, & Moonlight tomorrow night and I am one happy geek girl. 🙂

Good news as well. An old co-worker of Brian’s has given him a freelance lead, so hopefully this one will pan out. ::crosses fingers::

VId for today? How about a Kill Hannah video. Haven’t been promoting the hometown love here. So from Chicago and glam goth as they come…

Kill Hannah — Lips like Morphine.




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