Whole Lotta Shaking going on…..

18 04 2008

Weather: High–73 degrees (!!!) and cloudy w/showers late + OMGWTF EARTHQUAKE!

Yep, we had an earthquake. Not exactly in our backyard, but still. 5.2 on the richter scale and near Mt. Carmel in Illinois (About 300 miles south of Chicago). Still, it was felt by us in Northwest Indiana . Well….by people who were awake, apparently, since Bri and I slept through it. :facepalm:

Just for S&G’s I heard this song on my i-Pod this morning and suddenly remembered how much I loved this song. SO here without further ado I give you: THE BUZZCOCKS!!!! (Thunder of Hearts)

And for you Jack— a Beekeepers Video.




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