Boom De Adda, Boom De Adda!

17 04 2008

Love this commercial!

Weather: High- 65 degrees, cloudy W/ poss. thunderstorms WOO!

So… Thursday finally. Boss still out, office still standing, no bodies to hide…I think that’s a check in the Positive column! sent me this via their newsletter: This is GOOD news for a lot of us.

This is a magic time! The cosmos aligns itself into special configurations over the next couple of days, freeing you to accomplish almost anything you desire — all while working in harmony with the universe!

* On April 17, communicative Mercury enters practical and down-to-earth Taurus, forming a Grand Trine on April 18 with Pluto and Saturn.
* Then, expressive Sun follows Mercury into Taurus, on April 19, immediately enhancing the beneficial grand trine on April 20 and 21, with hard-working Saturn in Virgo and intense Pluto in achievement-oriented Capricorn.

A grand trine occurs when you have three celestial bodies that are all separated by a span of 120-degrees. Trines favor focus on high ideals, insight, vision, creative expression and well-being. Grand trines specifically promote self-confidence, self-assurance, optimism, expectation, a sense of pleasure, an easy flow of energy, inspiration, expansion of creativity and a sense of inner hope and faith.

Because this trine is happening in earth signs, expect people with valuable advice and experience to come out of the woodwork. These people will help you accomplish your aims — whether you want to pitch your latest creative project, start a business or set up a savings plan for retirement. You can do more now to make your life secure and stable than you have for a long time.

Needless to say, I’m doing a lot of writing today and will be doing my damndest to harness some of this energy.

Apache update: Much better. She’s calmed down. Although not having the collar. Seriously. I’ve seen her literally wrestling with it. Also, and sorry for the TMI, she’s got loose stools so there’s a major clean up every time she uses the litter pan. GAH!

Am also all about the purging these days. No I haven’t become bulimic (more’s the pity), I mean that I’m getting better about getting rid of things we don’t need to keep.

Writing is proceeding apace. I’ve managed to steamroll past the blockages and get some actual substance done. “Carrion Dreams” is getting back on track after getting mired down. “Dark of the Mirror” was subjected to huge swaths of cuts that have streamlined the story and realigned the plot points. I also managed to fill the gaps. It might be a salvageable book after all!

Anyways– off to reheat my lunch (turkey sausage, spinach, cherry tomatoes and pasta with a garlic Parmesan sauce. NOM NOM NOM)

MUSIC: “Horse & I” by Bat for Lashes



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