It’s time to Reap so we can sow again….

16 04 2008

Weather: high – 70 degrees!!!!!! & windy.

The line in the subject is from “Hanging Lake” by Sunshine Blind, a vastly underrated band that came out of the early 90s Goth Movement here in the states. They were one of the bands notoriously kicked off a Sisters of Mercy tour because grumpy Uncle Andrew thought they looked too Goth. The song resonates a lot with me because it’s about ripping down the corrupt social and religious structures to rebuild them into a more useful model. As usual, that reflects in life as well. You have to “Burn before you can Build”.

Apache is doing well as can be expected. She’s a little too active for my tastes right now. Hopefully it won’t impact the healing process. Little fireball. Grrr.

Work is becoming more and more a total drag. It’s becoming that place I go to kill 8 hours and get annoyed by arrogant whiny babies. Bitter? MOI?

Not looking forward to going to get my crown on Tuesday. I’ve spent WAAAYY too much time at the Dentist over the past year. Need to stop screwing up my teeth. GAH!

Am starting to get anxiety attacks again. Mostly due to worry about the kitty, finances and my health. I’m not getting any healthier and it’s my own damn fault. Need to suck it up and exercise and eat less crap. Have started bringing food for lunch rather than eating crap. Need to lose at least 25 pounds before end of June. I can do it too, without starving myself or crash dieting. I just need to get moving. @!$*&(@#$!!!

MUSIC: Private Universe by Crowded House



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