The sun is shining but it’s raining in my heart…

14 04 2008

Weather update:

Saturday: high-43 Degrees & rainy
Sunday: high -41 Degrees and partly sunny
Monday: High – 48 & SUNNY

Been a rollercoaster emotional weekend and today is not the end of it.

Friday night, Bri and I had to go to a wake for an extended family member. (She was the MIL of one of Bri’s cousins.) We showed up, chatted with family, and gave our condolences then went out for dinner. Then home for BSG and Sarah Jane Adventures.

Saturday we were up early (like pre-anal sphincter of dawn early- GAH!) because we needed to take Apache to the vet for a check up on the polyp she had developed. The vet didn’t like how it looked so he scheduled her for surgery first thing today. So with bad news in our back pocket, we went home and Bri got dressed to go to the funeral. When Bri got back from Mass (he didn’t go to the cemetery) I had to pop in the car and go grocery shopping. Needless to say, by 2:00 we were both kinda wiped out. Still, we had Torchwood and Graham Norton to watch. Then off to bed.

Sunday was nicer. Sunnier. We slept in till 9 am. Had a nice little breakfast while watching the news and reading the Sunday paper. Bri and I then attacked some small projects we’d been sitting on for a few weeks. Then, by grace of the gods, I actually lugged my laptop into the dining room, sat my ass down and WROTE for three hours straight ! ACTUALLY MADE PROGRESS!! Was vary happy with the results as well. I may have managed to rescue “Dark of the Mirror” from clusterfuck hell! And the new story, tentatively entitled “Carrion Dreams” finally has gotten past the roadblock.

This morning, Bri took Apache in for her surgery. We’re waiting to hear at the moment (it’s about 10:30 am as I’m typing this. ). We should be ready to take her home if all goes well around 3:30 this afternoon. The recovery will be about 2 weeks and she’ll more than likely sleep a lot. We will be doing a lot of antibiotic dosing and comforting.

UPDATE: 10:45 am– Bri just called– She made it through the surgery fine!!

Bri will be bringing home the wee kittie at 3:00 today. Let’s just hope her recovery is just as good this time around!

Music: 99 to Life  by Recoil




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15 04 2008

Speaking briefly of Graham Norton, I watched his interview with Gary Numan on Y’Tube recently…it’s funny to see Gary blush at his questions…

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