Feeling punky but philosophical…

9 04 2008

Weather: High-54 degrees (they LIIEEEE!) and partly sunny.

Feeling the full weight of my femaleness today. No TMI I promise. Needless to say, being at work is not improving my mood one jot. It’s funny because I’m so bloody verbose here and can’t be arsed to post (or even crosspost these entries) over at LiveJournal. I guess maybe I don’t have to filter my words here. ::shrugs:: It shouldn’t matter but it does.

Since I’m in such a godawful PMS/ misanthropic mood, I’m gonna post the Daily OM for today, because it nails what I’m trying to do. Trying to let go this uphill battle and let the universe go where it will. I’ve always been of the opinion that banging your head against a wall with no results does more damage to you than the wall. And sometimes you need to let go of an endeavor if even your best efforts are receiving no results. I know I’m supposed to write and I’m supposed to be living elsewhere and I’m supposed to be improving my health. All these things have taken a back seat to lesser endeavors. Less important, time sucking and stress inducing endeavors. Other people’s whims have been far too involved in our decision making as has procrastination, which is our own problem. I feel like we’re on the edge of some major life decisions, but we just can’t get our feet over the first hump. Hopefully this will change. It has to.


Music: Electricity (OMD Cover)– Apoptygma Berzerk

Let Yourself Be Carried
The Flow of the Universe

The flow of the universe moves through everything. It is in the rocks that form, get pounded into dust, and are blown away. It is in the blossoming of a flower born from a seed planted in the spring. The growth cycle that every human being goes through is part of this natural flow, which is also the current that takes us down life’s paths. When we move with it rather than resisting it, we are riding on the universal wave that allows us to flow with life.

Many people live struggling against this current. They try to use force or resistance to will their lives into happening in the way they think it should. Others move with it like a sailor using the wind, trusting that the universe is taking them exactly where they need to be at all times. This flow is accessible to everyone because it travels through and around us. We are always riding it—it is just a matter of whether we are willing to go with it or we resist it. Choosing to go with the flow is often a matter of relinquishing the notion that we need to be in control at all times.

The flow is always transporting you where you need to go. It is merely a question of deciding whether you plan on accepting the ride or having it take you there with your feet dragging. Learning to step into it can help you feel a connection to a force that is greater than you and is always there to support you. The decision to go with the flow takes courage because you are surrendering the belief that you need to do everything by yourself. Riding the flow of the universe can be effortless, exhilarating, and unlike anything you ever expected. When you are receptive to being in it, you open yourself to possibilities that exist beyond the grasp of your control.

As a child, you were naturally swept by the flow. Tears of sadness falling down your face could just as quickly turn to tears of laughter. The mere tiniest wave carrying you forward off the shores of the ocean could transport you into peals of delight.

Our souls feel good when we go with the flow of the universe. All we have to do is make the choice to ride its currents.



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