Cold and Rainy….must be Tuesday.

8 04 2008

Weather: high –53 degrees & rainy. (Feels a lot colder tho!)

Trying to get my mindset back to something resembling focus and am failing miserably.

The writing is sitting there percolating, I just can’t seem to get past 1) the current roadblock scene in “Carrion” and 2) how to re-write the bar scene in “Mirror” so it flows with the rest and doesn’t sound like a scene crowbarred in from another story, (which it is, unfortunately).

Add in the return to the 17 tracks of whirling nonsense in my brain and the focus she has gone on vacation.

Some added things before I forget:

  1. Battlestar Galactica-– WOO! great way to start off the last season. Still wondering what’s up with the Starbuck storyline. I posited the theory that the Earth Starbuck found is a future earth and THEY doctored her ship. (Or more specifically, the lost Tribe did)
  2. Torchwood — Haven’t seen the Season Finale yet, but have seen the wailing & gnashing of teeth as a result of it. Sounds like the spoilers panned out and there was a high body count. OY!
  3. Doctor Who — 10 days till it starts on SciFi. WOOO! (Have read some spoilers from our British friends and you know what? It’s gonna be great. I can tell!!!)
  4. IKEA — I love the Swedish crack store! SRSLY! Bri and I drove out to the Bolingbrook, IL store since it was the closest and ended up buying a crapload of stuff, mostly for the cats, but then when don’t we? Had lunch at the cafe. NOM NOM NOM. We also have designed our kitchen for the new house. You know. The one we haven’t built yet? Plus the kids section had me clutching my ovaries. Bri and I will DEFINITELY be decorating from here.
  5. Health — Well, hello allergies, my old friend. Bri and I are just keeping the Claritin D/ Zyrtec D people in business. Between the dust from cleaning, and the kitties shedding their winter coats, and the sudden resurgence in mold…yeah. Sinuses are not our friends right now.
  6. Job Stuff – Bri got a call back from Two X Four about possibly freelancing and asking for his salary history and references. Sounds like a bit of good at least. Still keeping my fingers crossed. Didn’t get called on Monday, but I figure they need at least a week to iron out the details. Keep hoping folks.
  7. House Stuff — Bri and I are gonna go with the Maple Forest House design when we build. We’re gonna be applying for a mortgage on the current house (to get the damn thing SOLELY in our name– long story) as soon as he lands a job. Once we get situated and decide on a locale, we’re gonna sell current house (hopefully the market will stabilize a little.) and start building the new one. Lots of things need to be in place between now and then, but at least we’re starting to make decisions and get things started. OY!
  8. Friends — All things seem quiet here. I’m feeling a little anti-social right now, probably due to exhaustion and PMS, and I find I just don’t have the urge to post or respond over at LJ right now. This blog is more like a diary for me and therefore I don’t have to worry about what’s posted here so much. Lis and Tom had us over for dinner on Saturday, we really need to reciprocate soon. Was a nice evening though. Lots of convo and watched Torchwood and got to pay with thier kitties.

Have a small rant that needs getting out of my head, so here’s a cut to spare the innocent…

Fandom seems to bring out the best and worst in people. I’ve finally begun to realize that the elitism that I loathe so much in the business world also exists in book, movie and music fan scenes as well. I know–not really news, but I think I’ve come to a conclusion on how I fit in among the cool kids and the intellectuals and the geeks. Not comfortably, that’s for sure. I’m beginning to realize as I get older that I’m not as immersed in fandom as I’d previously thought. Am I pretty well versed in music knowledge? hells yeah. But is that knowledge limited to only cool bands and respected genres, um NO! Sorry folks, I don’t believe in the concept of guilty pleasures or make apologies for liking bands that the critics look down their noses at or that rabid music aficionados would scoff.
Music in my belief is either listenable or not. My criteria for listenable is probably different from yours or your partner’s or even my friends. And that should be explanation enough. I like a catchy pop tune as much as I like a piece of opera or the most obscure experimental electro/hybrid song on the market.

This same philosophy I apply to movies and books. I get the fanboy/fangirl fanaticism of others. And I understand that people will be snobbish in their particular favorite genres, but I think that when they try to make other people feel small or stupid for liking something that is popular or, heaven forfend, NOT what they like, it is absolutely ridiculous. Popular doesn’t automatically equal shit, people. And being able to quote lines from an indie comic that only you and your friend has read doesn’t make you the genius you think you are.

I guess where all this piss and vinegar is coming from is that I have many friends who write, a lot of whom have been published in some format or other. Most are gracious and fans in their own right. but there are always going to be the handful that use their “published” cred to act as the quality litmus test for the rest of us. I appreciate that people who write for a living (what I aspire to do someday) have a better hands on understanding of the written word. In truth, though, getting published does not suddenly make your opinions better or your judgment more insightful when it comes to everything else that has been published. Within any one genre of published works (as in music) there are a ton of subgenres. Multiply that by the number of genres and then add in the non-fiction side of things and you have a lot of areas that interest people. And sorry, not everyone is going to like what you like and many more are going to like what you despise.

Without getting any more long winded than I already have, let me try to pin down something resembling a point.

People are not all the same. Gods love em, sometimes they’re different enough to make you wonder if we’re dealing with different species.

The point is some people are going to find what you despise to be the best thing since sliced cheese. Contrary to popular belief , this is not a ironclad proof of their idiocy or lack of taste. While you might take the stance of shaking your head, what doesn’t make sense is the frothing hatred that spews from people, absolutely incensed that someone would like what they hate. Taste is subjective. Liking something is personal. Just because someone likes a particular series of books that is insanely popular or a band that is consistently on the Top Ten, doesn’t mean that they lack depth or intelligence. Any more than someone who only reads dense fantasy novels with sales of 10 or listens to an obscure band that has a following of hundreds, is smart, edgy and more insightful.

All those traits are part of that person’s personality and environment. Your musical, reading and movie tastes do not suddenly overturn your IQ points or make you a Neanderthal just by enjoying them. Granted this elitism comes in all forms. People defending their band/author/movie genre from overly-critical examination can be just as annoying.

In all honesty, the kinds of elitism that I see in extreme fandom, regardless of media, has started making me irritated. If you wish to roll around in your acquired cred in your particular field, then fine. You’ve earned that. But don’t use your self- appointed elevated status to belittle others who are just enjoying their particular form of fannishness. Sometimes I think the reason the insular niche-type artist, in whatever media, likes to belittle other things is to keep themselves distanced from the mainstream-Whatever that is nowadays.

With the internet, the chance of keeping a nice little fandom secret is virtually impossible. So instead of beating up new people just learning about your scene, or area of interest, why not invite them in and see if they stick around? The difference between a fan and a jack ass is pretty fine. And the bullshit idea that because you knew about something for X number of years before they became popular makes you a better fan? Um no…just means you were either local to the scene, or you are much older than the newer crop of fans. And what is a “better fan” anyways? You own more music? More Books? More Movies? So….being a better fan means you spent more money, is that it?


Anyway. I guess I wish people would just drop the pretension and name dropping and elitist crap and ENJOY their fandom.

Here’s a harsh truth. The fandom pool you swim in? The one that you’re sure is the end all and be all of the world? The one where you know every person involved for good or bad and every minutiae involved? And the actors/musicians/authors are hanging on your every opinion?

99% of the world, and most of the people you worship, have no idea about it or even gives a crap!



Listening to: Master (Hard Mix) — Razed in Black




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