OY! Can this day please get better now?

1 04 2008

Weather: High-42 degrees and partly sunny.

Woke up on time for once. But forgot to set up the coffee last night. So once done with that (And a large amount of grumbling.) went downstairs to find that one of the cats had peed on the floor. And the litter box was FULL of delightful plebs. (a term my husband has gotten stuck in my head.)

Add to that a cavalcade of misfires, dropped items and coffee with too much cream in it and the day did not start well.

However we’re getting a sizable refund back from the gubmint and Brian has an interview on Thursday and I’ve got new Dresden Files to read, and more writing. So woot!

Now playing: Faith & The Muse – The Breath Of A Kiss (Demo)
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