Murky Monday…

31 03 2008

Saturday: 47 degrees and cloudy
Sunday: 45 degrees and partly cloudy
Today: High-57 degrees and just effin murky!

The weather is making me feel MEH!

Had a bit of a scare with Miss Apache over the weekend. She’s developed a lump in the same location she had the polyp located. Considering the biopsy came back malignant carcinoma, you can imagine my worry about it recurring. The vet was concerned, but agreed we should start conservatively. It was a possibility that she had a piece of suture that didn’t dissolve that might have caused an infection. So we were given antibiotics and told to continue using the antiseptic powder we already had. Hopefully this will clear up the problem. If not, the words “Aggressive surgery” were mentioned. I hope it doesn’t come to that because I don’t think her wee body can take much more of this. She’s lost a bit of weight, bot more than likely its from all the exercise of play and chasing. I’ll keep repeating that until I believe it. 😦

Have been writing again. Only a few paragraphs this time. But as my hubby says, it’s better than nothing at all.


Neat stuff I’ve stumbled across while surfing today.

  1. Excavation starts at Stonehenge
    And related: Unlocking Stonehenge’s secrets
    This is fascinating, considering its the first excavation there in EVER.
  2. So Darn Normal : Looks like Pagans are becoming pedestrian, as we’re getting more and more non-attacking journalistic coverage. Who’d a thunk it?
  3. Hypatia Comes to the Screen : A movie about the Library of Alexandria? I AM SO THERE!
  4. Depeche Mode return to studio with U2 producer Ben Hillier while Gahan wants to stop old suicide rumours There is not enough squee in the world.
  5. This movie sounds FREAKIN’ AWESOME!: Legion
  6. ANd just for sheer amusement: (AWESOME title)
    Zombie Strippers will Lapdance on Your Grave!
  7. Neat Neat Neat Idea: We Tell Stories 6 authors are tasked with telling a story through internet media. Check out “21 Steps” that tells its story using Google Earth!
  8. CBS Chief:” Please Kill American Idol” May be the only time I agree with Moonves on ANYTHING.

Anyway…Hope everyone is having a good day!

::crawls back to the pit at Mordor::

Now playing: Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song
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