Awash in the debris of the aftermath…

26 03 2008

Weather: High-51 degrees (WOOT!) and partly sunny!

Well, watching Hurricane Red Psycho wreck havoc across the Land of LJ, kinda felt like deja vu. Not going to make much more commentary on this topic, as I’m sure it would only serve to stoke the fires. And I’m anything but a low down fire stoker.

Just suffice it to say, more people need to pay attention to this:

11 ways to stop energy vampires:

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend with energy vampires. The less time you’re together, the less positive energy you’ll lose.
  2. Learn effective ways to end conversations with energy vampires (eg, I only have ten minutes to talk.”)
  3. Stay calm and detached from energy vampires. Don’t let their negative energy consume you.
  4. Be honest about your needs (eg, “I need this time to work/read/relax/exercise.”)
  5. Refrain from attempting to rescue them or fix an energy vampire’s problems.
  6. Practice walking away from energy vampires.; the more you do it, the easier it gets.
  7. Limit eye contact with energy vampires.
  8. Avoid being in close spaces with energy vampires (elevators, cars, etc). Negative energy is catching.
  9. Define and guard your personal space from energy vampires.
  10. Tell energy vampires you feel uncomfortable discussing particular people or circumstances.
  11. Stand up for yourself and your boundaries! Your time, positive energy, and resources are precious and should be closely guarded from energy vampires.

Work is a big pile of tedium and stress right now. We need some more hands on deck, that’s for sure.

Bri and I spent the entire eveningwith the tv off last night. No music, just peace and quiet. I did a little e-mailing and research, he made me dinner and did some Mac work. The kittens were confused.

Am going through some sort of mental and emotional overhaul. The drama of the past couple days, while not involving me directly has opened some old wounds, but also seems to be cleaning them as well. Maybe it’s time to finally close the door on some unresolved stuff and realize it wasn’t just me. I didn’t do anything wrong. It was her. And she’s doing the same thing to other people.

Enough with this. I need to move on.

I can’t look forward or move ahead if my eyes are constantly focused on what lies behind. Some things can’t be explained or figured out or fixed. I have to learn to accept that.

I want to feel how I feel when I’m writing. Like I have a toehold in a stream of creative energy that flows through me and makes my brain feel like it has more purpose than sitting in my head like a useless ball of oatmeal. I want to feel like I feel when I hear music that lifts me from the mundane into the transcendent.  These feelings are like drugs without the side effects.  My life does not have enough of these moments and I’m getting soulsick from the lack.

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