Hmmm….I sense a disturbance in the force.

25 03 2008

Weather: High- 53 and possible showers & wind. (And I forgot my umbrella! OY!)

Lots of drama going on behind the scenes over at LJ. Nothing worth noting here though. Some friends have finally seen the light about an ex-friend of mine. Nuff Said.

Terri and Keith have thrown the wedding planning machine in high gear. Bri and I will be flying in on a Thursday and out on wither Monday or Tuesday, which ever is cheaper.  Hopefully I’ll have lost a gazillion pounds by then. Seriously.

REALLY looking forward to the trip!

Hoping to get some writing done tonight. Bri has been sending out resumes at lightning pace and actually has extended his job search nationally.

Had my review today. Boss just shrugged and said, “I got no complaints.” and gave me my raise. WOOT!  It’s not anything to write home about, but it’s more and that’s always helpful.

Anyway. Not much of substance today, maybe more tomorrow.

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