Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

17 03 2008

Weather: Saturday- 45 degrees & Overcast;
Sunday: High-36 Degrees and partly Sunny.
Today: High – 43 & scattered showers.

Yes. The weekend was meh, weather wise. Saturday, Bri and I had dental appointments where I found out, among other things, that I will need a crown on one of my smaller teeth. GAH! They briefly mentioned ROOT CANAL, but then recanted much to my relief. Most of Saturday was taken up with errand running, but we managed to carve some time out to go over and have dinner with Lisa and Tom. Always a good evening with them.

Sunday was quiet. We slept in late and spent most of the day slacking. I got some writing done, well, more editing than writing. Also cleaned up some stuff on Live Journal. Need to start weeding that out again.  Eventually, I’ll probably start scaling back on my posting there. Not like anyone comments anyway. [/bitter]

Today, St. Patricks Day. Heh. Married me an Irishman. So I’m wearing green because, yes, I have some Irish in me. At least on most nights. (Sorry– dirty joke for the Monday was required.)

Now, some random musing that will inevitably get lengthy, so putting behind the veil…

I have for a long time subscribed to the idea that music was more than an auditory experience, that it contains a spiritual and visceral element as well.  Brian has heard me say, in response to this song or that, that I wish I could wrap myself in the music, or that I wanted to live inside that song.

This is one of those things that I have an almost impossible time explaining to people who don’t appreciate music the way I do. Not that they are the lesser for it, it’s just the odd looks they give me.  Music is more than a background soundtrack for me. It’s a living breathing thing that exists in it s own space and a has depth and breadth and almost a 3-D feel.  When I listen to Loreena McKennitt, I want to exist in the landscapes she describes. When I listen to VNV Nation, the rhythms and bass take over my nervous system, blotting out the chaos around me to focus on the chaos within. There’s something primal about giving yourself completely over to music. When I listen to Tori Amos, I feel my soul ache with familiarity. Depeche Mode evokes a dark room, where the more feral side of my mind and personality can take over and I can indulge in those thoughts that I can’t express to the outside world. Massive Attack speaks to the sexual, Faith & the Muse to ancestral connections with the land, my pagan nature, Classical music speaks to my more graceful and intellectual side. A tune for every mood so to speak. And music does implicitly affect my moods.  Hearing “Out of Control” by U2 can make me soar with joy. “Mystic’s Dream” by Loreena McKennitt pulls a yearning out of me that can’t be measured. And even my friends in Shortwave Dahlia– their song “A Novel Idea” brings tears to my eyes because it hits close to home for me.

Then there is the way my brain sees music. (Yes, I said SEES).  When I have the opportunity to listen to music on headphones, which I prefer, I see music as layers on a graph. I can pick out individual instrumentation, see how the patterns dance and intertwine. The more complex the music, the easier it is to get lost inside of it.

Some days I wonder if it’s some form of altered mental state that I slip into when a particular form of music is playing. Maybe I am a bit mental, but if I am, at least I can say that it wasn’t drugs or drink what done me in, it t’were the dulcet tones of the guitar and piano and drums that whisked me off to the Never Never, cloaking me in strings and ethereal voices

Now playing: Faith & The Muse – Drown (Acoustic)
via FoxyTunes




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