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11 03 2008

Weather: High–47 degrees=WOOT! and partly sunny=DOUBLE WOOT! 

Today so far has been light years away better than yesterday. No train delays, no insects in the bathroom today. Only dark moment was finding out a friend lost a relative this morning. My heart goes out to him.


Bri and I watched the Rock and Roll hall of fame last night and while parts lagged.. (ZOMG! LOU REED? Good choice to induct Leonard Cohen, but gods above was he RAMBLING! And did they have to pull out “Hallelujah” out for the gazillionth time? Granted Damien Rice did a kick ass version, but come on! His repertoire has a lot of other fantastic songs– “Suzanne”? “Famous Blue Raincoat”? “Dance Me To The End Of Love?” or even “I’m Your Man”? GAH!@!!) , a lot of the rest kicked ass. Justin Timberlake’s intro to Madonna? Funny as hell. Billy Joel’s intro to John Mellencamp? Had me and Bri in STITCHES. And the Tom Hanks intro for the Dave Clark Five? So enthusiastic and passionate. Really well done. All the performances were great, although Madge looked a little awkward with Iggy and the Stooges performing her songs. The Dave Clark Five jam at the end was FANTASTIC!!! Bri was a little disconcerted that I was singing along. I informed him that the mum unit LOVED the Dave Clark Five, along with Herman’s Hermits and other late 50s/ early 60s britpop, so I was quite able to sing all the lyrics to “Glad All Over”, thank your very much. 🙂

Gonna try and do some writing over lunch today, as I have characters screaming at me and scenes complete in my brain but not in pixels yet.

Daily OM gave me some oomph today as well. I took from it the simple truth that you don’t have to be a superstar, or famous, you just need to be you and that suffices.  Sometimes I forget that other’s expectations of me are THEIR expectations and not mine.

Well, off to post an interview with Shortwave Dahlia.

Have a good rest of the day folks.

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